Center for Economic and Energy Education (LCE3)

Trades and technical professions require specialized training, and Professional and Corporate Education is there to help.

We team up with companies, trade unions, nursing associations, and the public and government sectors to develop training resources to increase skills and work competencies as well as to raise the educational level of the workforce.  The following new courses have been added as a result of these partnerships.


CPE 1204         Lean-Sigma Process Improvement Yellow Belt (12 hrs.)
This certificate covers essential tools and concepts for better understanding Lean-Sigma tools and methodologies and for applying them to improve processes, eliminate waste, and enhance organizational performance.

CPE 2001         Commitment to Ethical Excellence (16 hrs.)
This certificate program, comprised of four short courses, provides an overview of the role of valuing ethics and reputation in any organization, examples to show why ethics and codes of conduct are important, and guidance to reinforce the concepts and instill a habit of ethical thinking.

CPE 2100         Valuing Ethics and Reputation (4 hrs.)
CPE 2101         Professional Ethics (4 hrs.)
CPE 2102         Code of Professional Conduct (4 hrs.)
CPE 2103         The Role of Ethical Conduct (4 hrs.)

CPE 4700         Building Leadership Coaching Competence (16 hrs.)
This certificate program, comprised of four short courses, provides professionals with an understanding of what leadership coaching is and is not as well as how the leadership coaching process works and also with practice related to the skills and competencies of a leadership coach.

CPE 4701         Leadership Coaching for Exemplary Performance (4 hrs.)
CPE 4702         Understanding How the Coaching Process Works (4 hrs.)
CPE 4703         Developing the Skills and Competencies of a Coach (4 hrs.)
CPE  4704        Applying What You Know When Coaching for Success (4 hrs.)

CPE 4100         Emerging Leader Program (20 hrs.) 
This certificate program, comprised of five short course, is designed primarily for professionals engaged in or preparing for leadership assignments. Its purpose is to ensure that professionals develop an adequate understanding of the contemporary leadership competencies that are needed to function effectively in today’s global business environment.

CPE 2104         Communications in the Workplace (4hrs.)
CPE 4101         Global Business Acumen (4 hrs.)
CPE 4302         Financial Knowledge for Professionals (hrs.)
CPE 1109         Leading Complex Projects (4 hrs.)
CPE 3309         Solving Problems and Making Ethical Decisions (4 hrs.)

CPE 4500         Organizational Leadership Program (24 hrs.)
This certificate program, comprised of six short courses, is intended to develop a deeper global understanding of, as well as skills and ethical behavior associated with, the important dimensions of leadership in organizations.

CPE 4501          Leadership in Organizations (4 hrs.)
CPE 4502          Strategic Planning in Organizations (4 hrs.)
CPE 4503          Customer Focus in Organizations (4 hrs.)
CPE 4504          Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge Management       (4 hrs.)
CPE 4505          Workforce Focus in Organizations (4 hrs.)
CPE 4506          Operations in Organizations (4 hrs.)

CPE 5100         Contemporary Energy Systems and Issues Program (24 hrs.) 
This certificate program, comprised of six short courses, covers the different types of energy sources and the issues, advantages, and disadvantages of using each. This series encourages participants to explore the usefulness of various types of energy sources and technologies.

CPE 5105         Fundamentals of Solar Photovoltaic Energy Systems (4 hrs.)
CPE 5106         Fundamentals of Passive Solar Energy Design (4 hrs.)
CPE 5110         Understanding Geothermal Energy Systems (4 hrs.)
CPE 5120         Practical Wind Energy Systems (4 hrs.)
CPE 5130         Understanding Biomass to Biofuel Energy Systems (4 hrs.)
CPE 5180         The Science and Societal Effects of Marcellus Shale Drilling (4 hrs.)

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