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One Year M.A. in Professional and Business Communication Program

Q:  What is the best way to apply?

A:  There is no cost to apply if you apply online. Apply Now!

Q:  When can I apply to the One Year Program?

A:  You must apply by May 1 to join the One Year M.A. cohort for that academic year.

Q:  Do I Have to Take a Standardized Test Like the GREs?

A:  No!  We believe that our interview and writing assessment are better indicators of your chances for success in the Program.  You should note, however, that our writing assessment is the same one that is given by the GRE.  Students must receive at least a 4/6 on the essay to be admitted. Click here for more information. 

Q:  I wasn’t a Communication Major.  Is this Program right for me?

A:  Yes!  We value a diversity of skills and experience in our Program.  Communication skill is vital regardless of your undergraduate major or your intended career.  We welcome students of all academic majors to apply.

Q:  My GPA is below a “B” average.  Is it still possible to be accepted?

A:  We look at the whole picture of an applicant—writing skill, speaking skill, recommendation letters, and grades.  If you show strong promise for success, you may be accepted into the Program.

Q:  What is the tuition rate for the Programs?

A:  The current tuition rate may be found here on the website.

Q:  Is Financial Aid available?

A:  Information about financial aid for graduate programs may be obtained from the Director of Financial Aid, La Salle University, Philadelphia, PA 19141-1119, or by calling 215.951.1070, or on the website.

Students also have access to of scholarship and assistantship money that is offered through the Professional and Business Communication Program.

Finally, students eligible for the Federal Work Study Program will be employed by the Department of Communication to do advanced-level tasks that can be used on your résumé as work experience.

Q:  What is the Practicum?

A:  The Practicum is an individual applied research project that students conduct in order to address a real-world communication problem or opportunity.  Students select a topic of interest and conduct a research study to address it. The results of the study should be used to provide recommendations to the organization about how the communication challenge might be addressed.

Q:  Will I able to work full time while enrolled in the One Year M.A. Program?

A:  No.  Our One Year M.A. Program is for students who attend school full time in order to complete their studies in one year.  Classes are usually offered during the day with some evening and weekend classes as well. It would be very difficult to balance completing the One Year M.A. Program with full time employment, but our students have been successful with working to complete the One Year M.A. Program while working part-time.

Pamela Lannutti, Ph.D.

Pamela Lannutti, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Director

Professional and Business Communication
Department of Communication
1900 West Olney Avenue - South Campus
Philadelphia, PA 19141 USA
Phone: 215.951.1935
Fax: 215.951.5043

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