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La Salle’s one year program not only aided my professional and personal goals, but the degree itself provided me with skills, experiences, and knowledge in organization communication, public relations, and strategic communications that no MBA program could provide.

As an individual who oversees advertising, social media, public relations, and marketing in my profession, I am often asked about my graduate degree, not because of confusion over the curriculum or program itself, but in contrast, because of its uniqueness. My graduate degree not only strengthened my existing professional skills, but assisted in enhancing my credibility and clout amongst my colleagues. The one year program is not only respected by its alumni, but by our employers.

– Christine Busacca – One Year MA in Professional and Business Communication, Class of 2011

Eight times out of ten, when a prospective employer looked at my resume and saw that I completed my Master’s in a year, before they questioned me on any of my work experience, the first question they asked was: What did I learn from it?

The first few times, I didn’t know where to begin because I had gained so much knowledge from the year. Not only did I learn topics that weren’t covered with my Marketing undergraduate degree, but I also learned a lot about myself as a worker. I learned how to balance a rather hefty workload, while still managing to keep up with my own personal goals. I learned that communication is truly the backbone of the organizational structure, just as it is with interpersonal relationships. I realized that it should almost be mandatory for students to spend a semester in the Communication department because of the lesson that you learn about yourself and about others.

My year at La Salle was invaluable and I truly believe that it helped me land a job just 5 short days after graduating. If I could tackle of Master’s degree crammed into a year’s time, (and still manage to train for a marathon), I can do anything. That year of my life shows employers that I am hard-working, dedicated, and committed to learning about something that is crucial to all organizations.

– Katera Pellegrino – One Year MA in Professional and Business Communication, Class of 2012

The Masters in Professional and Business Communication is very valuable and highly desirable. It’s accelerated, provides a great skill set and knowledge, and allows you to move on with your professional life without breaking the bank or taking years.

The one year MA program in Professional and Business Communication has allowed me to quickly acquire status and a professional degree. I earned my B.A. in Psychology from California State University, Fullerton but felt that my career opportunities with only a bachelor’s degree were limited. The Professional and Business Communication degree allowed me to transition from social science to professional communication and provided me with the opportunity to learn a new skill set all in one year. This was a major ‘selling point’ for me, to be in and out and learn what I need to advance myself academically and professionally.

I completed the last stage of degree requirements on August 4, 2012. By August 10, 2012 I had secured gainful employment as research assistant at a large, local, independent media buying agency. Within two weeks, I was laterally moved to the media buying team where I place orders for a senior media buyer in six major markets around the nation. Had I not attended La Salle and earned my Masters in Professional and Business Communication in one year, I can’t say that this success would have been possible or as easy.

– David Farnoush – One Year MA in Professional and Business Communication, Class of 2012

The MA program in Professional and Business Communication offers not only an exceptional curriculum, but phenomenal faculty to help students along the way. The one year program allowed me to enter the work force quickly, but efficiently.

The program taught me real-world skills that I use in my full-time agency job such as press release writing, organizational communication, ethics and more. I would recommend La Salle's program to anyone looking to learn practical information about the field and have fun doing it!

– Nicole Kennedy – One Year MA in Professional and Business Communication, Class of 2011

Putting a value on my education and experience in La Salle’s Master’s Communication program would be impossible. I was able to take my original position simply as a marketing writer and directly apply my knowledge I attained from the program to put me where I am today as a marketing writer, researcher, and coordinator.

I have also contributed information to our entire sales department by applying theories that I studied. In doing so, I have helped raise our proposal winning percentage from 13% to 20% with our direct efforts. Overall, I loved my experience in attaining my Master’s Degree in Communication from La Salle and would do it all over again if I had the option.

– Tyler Stike – One Year MA in Professional and Business Communication, Class of 2011

Pamela Lannutti, Ph.D.

Pamela Lannutti, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Director

Professional and Business Communication
Department of Communication
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