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The La Salle doctoral program in clinical psychology provided a thoroughly engaging training experience. The program’s faculty demonstrated a consistent commitment to students' overall development, imparting effective clinical skills, modeling compassionate concern for clients, and inspiring relevant, meaningful research. What's more, the faculty created a welcoming, collegial environment that rewarded creativity and fostered exploration of new methods and approaches. 

Not only did I receive superb academic training at La Salle, I also had the opportunity to obtain a wide range of clinical experiences – including externships at leading medical institutions and mental health organizations in the Philadelphia area. Moreover, the program's emphasis on translational research and evidence-based treatments enabled me to develop collaborative relationships with other clinical scientists in medicine and public health.

My years at La Salle seemed to fly by, like a series of fascinating conversations about the nature of mind and human behavior, all informed by innovative clinical practice. Brief as it seemed, my training has prepared me more fully than I could have imagined for my work as health psychologist and behavioral medicine researcher. In fact, in every setting I've encountered, I've felt that my La Salle training, with its unique emphasis on both psychotherapy skills and clinical research, has provided me with a distinct advantage.

Don Marks, Psy.D. 2009
Postdoctoral Fellow, Psycho-oncology and Palliative Medicine
The Ohio State University Medical Center

After receiving acceptance into a doctorate program in psychology it is often necessary to trust the process.  Enrolling in La Salle University’s PsyD Program was likely one of the most influential decisions in my personal and professional growth thus far. The dedicated faculty and natural professionalism embodied by the program’s students provided an ideal academic and clinical environment within which to hone specific skills and finesse the delivery of empirically supported treatments. My successful navigation while on internship has highlighted for me how well prepared I am, and has positioned me to get the most out of advanced training and supervision.  Though the process is a lengthy and challenging one, I have watched La Salle’s PsyD Program consistently welcoming into the field of psychology competent and effective psychologists.  I look forward to my own celebrated entrance into our field and it is with gratitude that I hold up the faculty and program that brought me here.

Sara Walters-Bugbee
Entered Fall 2005

Making the commitment to attend a psychology doctoral program is a huge decision and a decision that I am so glad I made!  My experience at La Salle University involves more than just being provided with a cutting-edge education that emphasizes evidence-based practice, more than feeling prepared at every practicum site I go to because of the advanced training I have received, and more than being exposed to numerous research opportunities that have allowed me to refine my scientific skills.  The doctoral program at La Salle is where I have been able to truly define my clinical passions, where I have met lifelong friends, and where I have developed extremely supportive and caring relationships with faculty members.  Ultimately, these are invaluable things that not only lend themselves to professional development, but also lend themselves to quality of life.  When a program supports your clinical growth as much as it supports your emotional and personal growth, you know you're in the right place!

Hemisha Patel
Entered Fall 2006

As a training program in clinical psychology, La Salle strongly emphasizes science and practice.  Learning occurs through multiple avenues as classwork provides a bedrock of knowledge to begin with, our active lines of research strengthen our abilities as critical thinkers and contributors to the larger field of study, and the variety of clinical experiences that we are exposed to provides us with the opportunity to immediately apply effective and scientifically informed treatments to those in need.  Through these varied learning experiences, I feel that I have grown tremendously (and will continue to do so) and that I will be fully prepared to contribute to the field of psychology as a professional.

John Donahue
Entered program Fall 2007

Randy Fingerhut, Ph.D.
Randy Fingerhut, Ph.D.

Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology
La Salle University
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