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Economic Crime Forensics Economic Crime Forensics
Learning Goals
  1. Prepare students to participate ethically and professionally in a global market.
    1. Propose business law standards, standards of ethics, and professional codes of conduct related to corporate leadership.
    2. Assess corporate cultures related to global markets, including concepts and perceptions related to economic crime and fraudulent activity.
    3. Evaluate legal and regulatory environments supporting the market.
  2. Prepare students to enter the field of economic crime prevention and detection.
    1. Evaluate and support accounting and auditing concepts related to the causation of corporate economic crime.
    2. Devise plans and processes to prevent and deter economic crime.
    3. Evaluate the design of fraud deterrence techniques and controls.
    4. Design, plan, and execute procedures to secure corporate data and networks.
  3. Prepare students to apply standards and best practices of forensics and litigation support.
    1. Select and prepare evidence for litigation.
    2. Develop standards of conduct relative to litigation services, including conflicts of interest and background considerations.
    3. Propose legal, regulatory, and professional environments relative to deterring economic crime.
    4. Develop standards and procedures for handling custody of digital evidence.
  4. Prepare students to be corporate leaders in fraud prevention.
    1. Develop managerial and communication skills to measure and support fraud deterrence.
    2. Develop plans to foster anti-corruption behavior.
    3. Evaluate and select computer usage and tools in support of economic crime deterrence.
    4. Construct corporate risk mitigation strategies and procedures related to economic crime.
    5. Devise, implement, and assess leadership policies, procedures and standards to remediate corporate economic crime.

Margaret M. McCoey, M.S.

Margaret (Peggy) McCoey, M.S.
Program Director

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Economic Crime Forensics
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