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MA in English for Educators

The M.A. in English for Educators provides middle and secondary school teachers with the opportunity to enhance their credentials through a program that crosses a number of disciplines by combining the study of current critical and pedagogical theory with literary and cultural studies. This combination of traditional and interdisciplinary approaches is designed to give working professionals additional training in their areas of interest, while also allowing them to expand their previous training to include a study of the intersections between literary studies and a variety of disciplines.

For all teachers with Pennsylvania teaching certificates, this program will broaden and deepen their knowledge of English in order to:

  • Maintain active certification status (in conformity with Act 48)
  • Reach the “highly qualified teacher” category by mastery of content knowledge

Common Core

  1. Eng 501: Proseminar in Critical and Pedagogical Theory
  2. Eng 551: Readings in American Literature and Culture
  3. Eng 556: Readings in British Literature and Culture
  4. Eng 561: Readings in Western World Cultures and Literature in Translation
  5. Eng 562: Readings in Non-Western World Cultures and Literature in Translation

Stephen Smith, Ph.D.

Stephen Smith, Ph.D.

M.A. in English Programs
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Philadelphia, PA 19141 USA
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