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Academic Requirements

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A total of 36 credits are required to complete the M.A. in TESOL program. The student must maintain a 3.0 GPA throughout the program (see Retention and Completion Requirements for details).

There are a number of core (required/specified) courses and a number of electives where the student may choose from the menu of courses offered in any one semester.

The capstone courses (Practicum and masters Project/Thesis) are required at the end of the program. Students are required to complete the following courses first: BLS 600, BLS 601, BLS 605, BLS 606 and EDC 650 (click Course Descriptions on the right).

Completion of these courses leads to the “ESL Program Specialist Certificate” for certified teachers in Penna.

Core Courses: All Students must take these courses and meet any prerequisite indicated.

- BLS 600: Dynamics of Cross-Cultural Communications. (3 credits) - BLS 601: Techniques of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (3 credits)
- BLS 605: Curriculum and Development of Bilingual Programs (3 credits) 
- BLS 606: Making Language Connections Through Content in ESOL and Bilingual Classrooms (3 credits) 
- BLS 608 (tentative): Research Methods in TESOL (3 credits)
- BLS 609 (tentative): Language Study for Educators. (3 credits)
- EDC 650: Language Assessment and Special Education of ESL Learners (3 credits)

Total required Core courses: 21 credits

Elective Courses:

BLS 604: “Cultural Pluralism and Problems of Minority Groups in the U.S.A.” (3 credits)
TSOL 610: “Teaching Second Language Writing in TESOL.” (3 credits)
TSOL 611 : “Multimedia Approaches to TESOL.” (3 credits) TSOL 612: “Sociolinguistics for Educators.” (3 credits)
TSOL 613: “Special Projects in English Education.” (3 credits)

Three elective courses required: 9 credits

Practicum (required):

TSOL 701: “MA in TESOL Practicum.” (3 credits)

All students are required to take this course: 3 credits

Masters Thesis/Project (required):

TSOL 751: M.A. in TESOL Masters project/Thesis

All students are required to take this course: 3 credits

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