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Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (M.A. in TESOL)

Changing national systems and global concerns in an increasingly interdependent world have resulted in a growing demand for Teachers of English to Speakers of Other languages (TESOL). The Master of Arts program offered by La Salle University is unique in its practical approach to learning, interaction with other cultures and the integration of community involvement. With most courses being offered at convenient times in the evenings, attendance can be on a full-time or part-time basis.

The program offers advanced and up-to-date knowledge in ESL/EFL (English as a Second Language and English as a Foreign Language) methodologies, techniques, strategies and critical thinking teaching across the curriculum. It also includes the use of multimedia technology in the second language acquisition process, and the application of multiple forms of assessment.

The program explores research design methods and writing conventions in the field of TESOL. It also delves deep into the social, cultural, historical, and very personal arenas within sociolinguistics, educational leadership and community involvement. Equally, it explores the practical foundation in linguistics, and its sub-branches, for teachers who want to apply basic linguistic knowledge and research findings to their practice in the classroom or in course and curricula design.

The program has been designed to complement and expand upon the ESL certification requirements in Pennsylvania and other states. This program also will provide an unquestionable “highly qualified” status to its graduates.

The program consists of 12 courses of three credits per course, to be taken in a predetermined fashion.

Therefore, a total of 36 credits are required to complete the M.A. in TESOL program. There are 9 required courses including a Practicum and Masters Project/Thesis, supplemented by 3 elective courses to be selected from the menu of such courses offered at various times.

Note: Students earning the M.A. in TESOL will also receive ESL certification in Pennsylvania ---provided that the student meets state requirements.

Carmen Lamas, Ph.D.

The Hispanic Institute at La Salle University
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