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Certificate Option

Non-matriculating degree students will have the option of enrolling in a series of courses leading to a Certificate in one of four areas:

  • European History
  • American History
  • World History

This option will appeal especially to educators seeking to qualify for Act 48 or “highly qualified” status.

Under this plan, students will complete the following four (4) courses:

  • History 510 (Historiography)
  • History 610, 620, 630 (One Course in Chosen Area)
  • History Elective (Area Specific)
  • History Elective (Area Specific) or Teaching of Advanced Placement History (EDC 772, 773, or 779)

With the approval of the Director, students who earn a certificate may apply the four courses toward either the M.A. in History or the M.A. in History for Educators.

Gainful Employment Disclosure: To view the Gainful Employment Disclosure the Certificate Programs mentioned above, click on links below.

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