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Information Technology Leadership Information Technology Leadership

Thomas Blum, Ph.D.
Electronics, Hardware, Graphical User Interface Programming

Dean Henry, MBA, CISSP, CIA
Information Security

Timothy L. Highley, Jr., Ph.D.
File Prefetching, Simulation, Algorithms, Data Structures

Raymond P. Kirsch, Ph.D.
Software Engineering, Computer Graphics, Videogame Programming, Networking, Graphical User Interface Programming

Stephen A. Longo, Ph.D.
Networking, Network Security, Internet Programming, Technology Trends, Database Management Systems

Margaret M. McCoey, M.S.
Digital Arts and Technology, Database Management Systems, Systems Analysis, Networking

Margaret M. McManus, Ph.D.
E-Collaboration and Groupware, Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Databases, Networking, and Expert Systems.

Michael A. Redmond, Ph.D.
Artificial Intelligence, Databases, Data Warehousing, Data Mining

Joseph Seltzer, Ph.D.

James W. Smither, Ph.D.
Management, Human Resources

Majdid Tavana, Ph.D.
Management Information Systems

Jane Turk, Ph.D.
Legal, Social, and Ethical Issues, Object Oriented Programming, Data Structures, Analysis of Algorithms

Samuel J. Wiley, Ph.D.
Database Management Systems, N-Tier Architectures, Graphical User Interface Programming

Adjunct Faculty

Michael Girone
Agilent Technologies

Dominic Grosso
AAA Mid-Atlantic Co.

Peter Julian, C.I.O.
Cork, Crown & Seal (retired)
IT Planning, IT Management

Michael Wacey, M.S.
Networking, Internet, e-Commerce, Application Integration, Data Warehousing, Enterprise Architecture

Program offered online with some hybrid.

Margaret M. McCoey, M.S.

Margaret M. McCoey, M.S.
Program Director

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Information Technology Leadership
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