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Course Descriptions

The common courses:

THD700 The Lasallian Tradition
This course has a twofold goal.  First, it seeks to introduce students to the person and legacy of St. John Baptist de La Salle, the founder of the Christian Brothers and the namesake of the University.  The introduction has as its purpose to allow doctoral students to gain an appreciation of the integration of theory and practice in the handing on of the Christian tradition.  Second, the course seeks to enhance the research and writing skills of doctoral students so that they might better know and communicate that same tradition.

THD720 The Christian Tradition
This course studies the wider context of the Christian tradition and its historical circumstances for the more focused research of doctoral students.  The student will learn to appreciate the complex development and interpretation of the Christian experience as essential components in understanding the more specific concepts, themes, and historical moments in their doctoral research.  Because it is an online course, students will simultaneously enhance their skills in using this educational format.

THD730 Patterns of Faith Formation
This course examines the development of faith across the span of the human life cycle.  Students will consider the correlation of psychological theories of development and cognition with the development of a conceptual understanding and practice of the Christian faith.  Students will apply the theoretical content to their intended professional practice.

THD750 Integrative Studies
Course Description:  Doctoral students use this course to review the breadth of research contained in their individual portfolio to develop significant theses related to their course of studies.  In addition to organizing the portfolio for final submission, the students will develop and propose three topics for the comprehensive examinations as well as draft an initial proposal for the dissertation.

Courses for the Concentration:

  • THD800-890 Readings and Research
  • THD800, 802, 804, 806, 808, 810, 812, 814 Readings in Founder’s Studies
  • THD820, 822, 824, 826, 828, 830, 832, 834 Readings in Catholic Studies
  • THD840, 842, 844, 846, 848, 850, 852, 854 Readings in Christian Spirituality
  • THD860, 862, 864, 866, 868, 870, 872, 874 Readings in Church Ministry
Each readings and research course provides the opportunity for the individual student to explore a specific topic related to the general theme of his or her doctoral study.  Under the tutelage of an approved faculty member, the student will demonstrate knowledge of essential texts, conduct a literature review, and submit an annotated bibliography as well as a major research paper.
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