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Post Master's Certificates

The graduate program in Theology and Ministry offers the following as either pre-Master's or post-Master's certificates.  Each certificate is 18 credit hours, six courses.  The specific curriculum is developed by the student and the program director.

Theological Studies – This certificate enables the student to explore core courses in Scripture, Theology and Spirituality.  A student completing this certificate will have sufficient hours for a secondary competence to teach in a Catholic high school.  The student should consult the specific course requirements for the school system in which they would like to teach.

Religious Education – The course work for this certificate prepares the student for work in the area of parish religious education programs.  With the certificate the student would be able to  serve as a coordinator of religious education.

Pastoral Care – Courses in pastoral counseling and pastoral ministry prepare the student for parish-based programs of pastoral care, work in hospice programs as well as limited work in hospital and nursing home chaplaincies.

Liturgy – This certificate combines courses in liturgical studies and church ministry.  Students receiving the certificate will be prepared for work as parish-based liturgical coordinators, and if possessing music or choral skills as church musicians.

Church Ministry – In addition to students in the Institute for Lay Ecclesial Ministry for the Diocese of Trenton, other students can earn a certificate in church ministry.  The program consists of courses in theology and ministry.  Students earning the certificate are prepared for a variety of parish-based positions in church ministry.

Gainful Employment Disclosure: To view the Gainful Employment Disclosure the Certificate Programs mentioned above, click on links below.

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