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Program Goals and Outcomes


The goals of the RN-BSN degree program at La Salle University are:

  1. Prepare diploma and associate degree nurses as leaders to effect change in health care and community systems.
  2. The program instills the value of lifelong learning as a hallmark of the professional nurse
  3. Serves as a foundation for graduate study.
  4. Program promotes collaboration between faculty and student to advance the profession of nursing.

Student Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the program the student will be able to:

  1. Utilize research-based, theoretical, scientific, and clinical knowledge from nursing and other disciplines as a basis for nursing practice and policy development.  (Essential 1)
  2. Implement culturally appropriate strategies for health promotion, risk reduction, and disease prevention for diverse individuals, families, groups, and communities across the life span. (Essential 7)
  3. Provide safe nursing care to address complex needs of patients and caregivers throughout the course of illness, healing, and rehabilitation. (Essential 8)
  4. Use clinical judgment and decision-making skills when assessing the health status of individuals and families and evaluating their response to health care. (Essential 3, 7)
  5. Demonstrate competency when providing, coordinating, collaborating, and managing nursing care in various environments and health care delivery systems. (Essential 2, 5, 7)
  6. Engage in partnerships with individuals, families, communities, and health care professionals to promote health and prevent disease. (Essential 6)
  7. Evaluate nursing and health care services based on ethical, legal, professional, and evidence-based policy and practice standards. (Essential 3, 5)
  8. Value self-directed learning for continuing professional development. (Essential 8, 9)
  9. Practice as a change agent in health care delivery systems particularly to advocate and promote quality assessable care for vulnerable and underserved populations. (Essential 2, 9)
  10. Use information and practice technologies to support evidence-based nursing practices that reduce healthcare errors and improve access to cost-effective healthcare.