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Information For: Parents and Family

Parents' Checklist

indicates that the item must be completed by the student



*Register for DAY ONE Freshman Orientation
You will receive your personal Day ONE invitation packet by mail.
Day ONE is the first opportunity you and your family will have to join faculty, administrators, and staff as members of the La Salle community. During Day ONE, you will complete your Fall class registration, get to know other first-year students, and participate in sessions on different topics that you will find helpful during your years at La Salle. *Register online here. If you prefer to register by mail, please complete the information sent to your home and return the form in the business reply envelope within one week of receiving the mailing.


*Complete the New Lasallian Personal Profile
The New LaSallians Personal Profile is an in-depth questionnaire designed to provide your advisers with information about your motivation, aspirations, concerns, and challenges. It will also help you with your educational planning as you prepare for Day One and begin to reflect on your academic choices and needs. *Complete your profile as soon as possible.


*Complete your math placement tests (as soon as possible!)
Since all La Salle University students are required to take at least one math class, the math placement tests are designed to help us place you into the proper math course, which we will do at Day One. Each student will take two tests, via your home computer, beginning with the algorithmic algebra test, and these must be completed before Day One. You will need approximately 75 minutes to complete these tests. *Click here to log in.
Your username is the same as your portal login. The password is math2013 (lowercase, no space). *Click here for detailed instructions.


Send in your core course selection form
You will receive your Core Course Selection form in the mail. It must be completed and mailed back immediately to Brother Edward Koronkiewicz in the Registrar's Office at La Salle University,1900 W. Olney Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19141 before you attend Day One.


*Finish setting up your La Salle E-mail account
Most University business and important information is conducted and communicated via e-mail. *Finish setting up your La Salle e-mail by setting your time zone and providing account recovery information. Your username and password information is located on the account letter that was previously mailed to your home address.


*Set up your mylasalle portal security questions
*Set up security questions so that you can easily reset your mylasalle portal password if you forget your password.



Review your curriculum requirements
In the University Catalog you will find details about La Salle's curriculum, which consists of three broad areas: the Core curriculum, courses in your major area of study, and a varying number of electives. You should understand the requirements of your particular major before scheduling your courses, which you will do at DAY ONE Freshman Orientation.


*Update your mylasalle portal password
*Change your password for the mylasalle portal to something you will remember.




Complete your health form and submit it at DAY ONE
Submit your completed Health form at Day One. Get the Health form here. For more information go to the Student Health Center website.


Request a waiver form or enroll in the mandatory Student Health Insurance Plan


Attend DAY ONE Freshman Orientation
More information about Day One is available on the DAY ONE website including Directions to La Salle University.


Complete the Admitted Student Questionnaire (available in June)
You will receive a mailing in June with directions on how to complete the questionnaire, which requests information about the factors you considered in making your college decision and why you chose La Salle. *Access the questionnaire here.


Upload a photo for your La Salle Student Identification Card (coming soon!)
Coming soon!


*Select a meal plan
Whether you are a resident or a commuter, there are a variety of options from which to choose. *Select a Meal Plan here. For more information about the available meal plans, please visit the Campus Dish website.



Complete the Validation of Transfer Credit Request
If you have taken a college course for credit, you may be eligible for transfer credit. The course must have been part of a regular college curriculum with regularly matriculated college students in attendance. You may submit the Validation of Credit Transfer Request, along with an official college transcript, to the La Salle Admissions Office, the Registrar's Office, or your Dean's Office.


Make arrangements for special classroom accommodations
If you are a student who has a documented disability/learning difference, you are entitled to reasonable accommodations within the classroom and should contact Rose Lee Pauline, Assistant Vice President, Affirmative Action Officer, at 215.951.1014 or pauline@lasalle.edu. Accommodations may include additional time for tests, use of auxiliary tools, assistance with writing assignments, reading skills development, etc.. Students and their families should consult with Rose Lee Pauline as soon as possible to determine what the required needs of the specific disability are and to submit recent written documentation from an attending licensed physician or psychologist.


*Complete the Global Perspectives Inventory
*Please complete the Global Perspective Inventory here. This is a short survey of your views and experiences, which will take about 15-20 minutes to complete. There are no right or wrong answers, only responses that are right for you. You must complete every item for your responses to count.
The Access Code is 2710. One survey respondent will win an iPad mini. Just complete the survey in full and enter your student ID number on the last page to be entered in the drawing. Thank you for your cooperation.




*Pay your bill and set up an authorized payer on your account
Pay your tuition and fees by the deadline stated on your bill. The University offers an eBilling/ePayment option which allows you to *view and pay your bill electronically. Questions about billing can be directed to the Office of Student and Accounts Receivable at 215-951-1055 or bursar@lasalle.edu. Or visit the Bursar's Website.


*Provide emergency contact information
*Please provide emergency contact information so that we can contact your parents or guardians in the event of an emergency.



*Check your housing assignment and move-in information (available after July 4)
If you will be a resident student, moving information and everything you need to know about living on campus is on *the housing website here or call Administrative Services at 215-951-1370 with questions.


Contact your roommate or connect with a commuter connector
Connect here on Facebook. Begin to establish friendships via La Salle email or on the LaSalle Class of 2017 Group Facebook Page. If you are not living on campus, you may also want to check out the
Brother Augustine Center for Commuter and Off-Campus Students website.


*Create your Explorer Alert account
To receive messages about emergencies, class cancellations and other important information, you must *create a text emergency account here.


Submit Advanced Placement test scores for credit
AP exam results should be sent to the Dean's Offices during the summer and appropriate credits will be posted to the official transcript during the fall semester. If you have questions regarding what requirements are satisfied by the AP credit you received, please contact the appropriate Dean's Office, the University Registrar, or the Honors Program Director.


*Contact Career and Employment Services
Explore majors, minors, and possible career options here, especially if you are undecided about your major. The best way to make sure you choose the career that's right for you is to identify the skills, values, and abilities that you possess. We offer two self-assessment tools the Self-Directed Search(SDS)® and *Focus II® to help you do so. These tools are designed to help you learn more about yourself, about majors, about occupations and how they are all connected. (Contact Career and Employment Services at 215.951.1075 to obtain the La Salle Access Code required to create your Focus II® account.) Once you have completed a self-assessment, meet with one of our counselors to discuss the results and what to do next.
Also consider shadowing someone in the field you are interested in or talk with someone in your major.




Complete the 2013 Essential Question essay assignment (available in early August)
Since the start of the Essential Question initiative in 2009, each year the incoming freshmen class has been asked to complete a common freshmen reading and essay assignment related to the current "essential question". Look for details to follow. Read the required articles and submit your written response in BlackBoard before the August deadline.


Complete the Exploring your Choices assignment (available in early August)
Exploring your Choices is LaSalle's alcohol education program, which all students are required to complete before the academic year begins. For more information about the Alcohol and Other Drug Program, check out their website.


Buy or rent your textbooks
Visit the Campus Store in person or online here to look up and order the books you will need in the fall.



*Review your class schedule (available after DAY ONE)
*Access Br.LUWIS to find out detailed information about your classes, such as where they will meet and who the instructors are.


Contact your adviser
You will receive an e-mail and a letter containing the name and contact information of your freshman adviser in early August. You will also have the opportunity to meet with your adviser during the Friday of Opening weekend on August 23.
For more information about being a first year student at La Salle, or for answers to questions you may have, please call Phenix Frazier Badmus at 215.951.5005, email frazier@lasalle.edu. You may also friend the Director of Freshman Advising on Facebook under her profile name Askan Adviser.


Contact your Big E for information about life at La Salle
Your Big E is a peer mentor who will be attached to your FYO class. You can ask your Big E questions here about what to expect when you get here.
To find out more about the Big Es, check out the Big E page on the NEP blog.


Review important academic information on the Registrar's Web site
It's your responsibility to understand the policies and procedures that pertain to you as well as the requirements of your major. On the Registrar's website here you will find the University Catalog, Academic Calendar, Academic Censure Policies, Transfer Credit Information, as well as Confidentiality and Right to Privacy Policies, and much other information.


Review the Academic Support Services that are available to you
Before your classes begin, you should understand the academic assistance that is available to you through the GradesFirst system for a range of subjects as well as for writing assignments. You can also get help with managing your time, developing effective study strategies, understanding your learning style, prioritizing your workload, preparing for your exams, and more. Review these services available here.


Apply for a parking permit
Freshman commuter students may obtain a permit that is valid for the G lot. Freshman resident students are not allowed to bring a vehicle to campus; the only exception will be for freshman resident students who are either permanently or temporarily disabled. Get the parking permit application here. More information is available on the Safety and Security website.


Important Dates

Opening Convocation and related activities: Thursday, August 22
Academic Department, School, and Freshman Adviser meetings: Friday, August 23
Classes begin: Monday, August 26