Major Requirements


The Political Science major requires that students complete 14 courses in the discipline on top of University’s core requirements.  The curriculum is designed to ensure that all students take at least two courses in each of the four major subfields of the discipline.  Students must also take the year-long Senior Seminar sequence (POL 480/481), where they will research and write a substantial scholarly paper on a topic of their choosing.  Students are entitled to take four electives in the discipline as well, to allow them to tailor their education for their postgraduate education or career.

Required for Major in Political Science: 14 courses

  • American Government:
    POL 151
  • Research Methods
    POL 171
  • Comparative Government:
    POL 120, 221
  • International Politics:
    POL 240, 341
  • Political Theory:
    POL 260, 361
  • Four electives in Political Science (excludes POL 461)
  • Senior Research Seminar: POL 480, 481

All Political Science majors planning on attending graduate school are strongly encouraged to take ECN 213 Statistics in lieu of MATH 120 in the University CORE.

All Political Science courses except 460, 461, 480, and 481 are open to all students.

Accommodation for Dual Majors: One of the four required political science electives are waived. In addition, the Senior Research Seminar requirement POL 480 and 481 is waived for those whose second major is political science, if a seminar is required in the other major.

Required for Major in Public Administration: 14 Courses

The Public Administration major is comprised of a mixture of courses from the major subfields of Political Science, with a specialized concentration in public administration courses, and courses in the essentials of economics.  Following are the courses required for this major:

  • POL 151  American Government
  • POL 215  Managing Public and Non-Profit Sectors
  • POL 260  Political Theory
  • POL 301  State and Local Government
  • POL 302  Constitutional Law I
  • POL 385  Ethics in Government
  • POL 460  Internship
  • POL 480  Senior Research Seminar I
  • POL 481  Senior Research Seminar II
  • One additional course in American Government (from 303, 304, 305, 310, 311, 314, 316)
  • ECN 150  Macroeconomics
  • ECN 201  Microeconomics
  • BUS 101  Financial Accounting
  • BUS 207  Managerial Accounting

Plus ECN 213 Statistics in lieu of MATH 120 in the CORE

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