Student Accomplishments


As a Department committed to excellence in teaching and to mentoring our students, we are particularly proud of the many accomplishments of our students. The following are some accomplishments over the past two years that we would like to highlight:

National Honor Society: During the past two years, 21 Department majors received national recognition being inducted into Pi Sigma Alpha, the National Political Science Honor Society in Washington, D.C.

Law School: During the past two years, more than 12 Department graduates applied or are in the process of applying to law school. They have been accepted at various schools including Charlestown, Dickinson/Penn State, Drexel, Georgetown, Maryland, Rutgers, Roger Williams, Seton Hall, Temple, Vermont, Villanova, and Widener.

Graduate School: During the past two years, more than 10 Department graduates have applied to graduate school both in the United States and in Europe in fields as diverse as Public Administration, Urban Planning, Environmental Policy, International Relations, History, Secondary Education, and Democracy and Development. These students have been accepted at such institutions as American University, Georgia Tech, La Salle, Harvard, Rutgers, and Villanova.

Politics, Policy, and Consulting: During the past two years, more than 10 Department graduates have advanced their careers in positions as diverse as the offices of a Philadelphia City Councilman, a Pennsylvania State Representative, a United States Congresswoman, a Pennsylvania public relations practitioner, a government affairs official with a Washington D.C. consulting firm, and an exit polling coordinator

International Experience: During the past two years, more than 10 Department majors took advantage of University programs and participated in either Travel Study or Study Abroad Programs. In those two years various Department students pursued their education in Israel/Palestine, Vietnam, Rome, Italy, Galway, Ireland, Australia, Russia, Prague, Czech Republic, and Portugal.

International Scholarship::  During the last three years, two Political Science majors have been awarded a Fulbright award for research and teaching in a foreign country.  Claire Fisher was awarded a Fulbright for 2012-2013 to Azerbaijan, and Theresa Glinski was awarded a Fulbright for 2013-2014 for work in Slovakia.

Presentation & Publication: During the past two years, at least five Department majors had their original research accepted for presentation or publication: one in The Arusha Times, May 28, 2011, Issue 66—“The Need to Correct the Quiet ‘Everyday’ Corruption”; three in The Histories, Vol. 10, No. 1— “Winston Churchill Guardian of Civilization,” “Realistic Visionary: A Portrait of George Washington,” and “The Peace of Westphalia and its Effects on International Relations, Diplomacy and Foreign Policy”; and one— “Electronic Surveillance and the 4th Amendment: A New Model” accepted for presentation at the annual meeting of the Pennsylvania Political Science Association in Harrisburg.

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