Testimonials By Political Science Graduates 1970 to 2010


“I learned at La Salle that a successful career requires self-motivation, preparation, and a courage to always ask questions. The professors in the Political Science Department were not only accomplished scholars, but were mentors who challenged you to think beyond the conventional, and to always look for the greater good.”

Ricardo R. Johnson, POL Class of 2007
Associate General Counsel, Carefirst BlueCross Blue Shield


“[A]s an elected veteran State Representative, I credit La Salle’s Political Science Department with teaching me to value the Big Picture part of politics, its philosophical underpinnings and why participating in our representative government is important, not just to those of us who run for office and get elected, but for every American citizen . . . if the average American citizen paid more attention to its government and what the elected representatives at all levels were doing . . .it would not only be the “right thing,”… it would improve our Democracy.”

Kate Harper, POL Class of 1978
Pennsylvania State Representative
61st Legislative District
Blue Bell, Pennsylvania


“The ability to think outside the box, understand conflicts and solving problems are skills that are critical in today’s difficult economic marketplace. La Salle’s Political Science Department provided me with the tools necessary to be a creative, analytical, and thoughtful worker. The political science faculty didn’t just teach the basics about government, political philosophy and law; they ensured that students knew how to identify and understand conflicts. Students aren’t taught what to think; rather, they are taught how to think.”

Dan Sandiford, POL Class of 2008
New Jersey Transit – Transportation Planner


“My career as a World Bank economist and, now, a professor in the Wisconsin School of Business, has focused on the intersection between politics and economics, both in the United States and abroad.  A La Salle degree in Political Science was my springboard into that world. My studies in the Department taught me how to integrate a wide range of seemingly disparate information about the world, and gave me a framework for understanding the context in which both developed and emerging economies operate.  I still refer to some of my class notes from 4 decades ago; the Senior Seminar taught me how to successfully undertake a major independent research project, with skills I now transfer to my own students.”

Stephen Malpezzi, POL Class of 1974
Professor University of Wisconsin
School of Business
Madison, Wisconsin


“As a Political Science and Communication double major, I had a heavy courseload which was compounded with four demanding internships in politics and media. The faculty in the Political Science Department always worked with me to ensure that I not only met all of my course requirements, but also never missed out on an opportunity that would benefit me after graduation.”

Shannon Curley, POL Class of 2009
Scheduler and Outreach Director for State Representative Tim Briggs


“I  . . . felt that a degree in political science would assist me in pursuit of a law degree . . .[but] . . .I never did attend law school. . . [nonetheless] . . . political science served me well for my business career. As a social science [major], my studies allowed me to view the world from the perspective of human interaction. Political Science branches into sociology and psychology and economics. For me it provided a well-rounded ‘liberal arts’ education.”

Carl Williams, POL Class of 1974
Special Assistant to the President
GlobalPay, Inc.


“I am very fortunate that the political science faculty was always challenging us to learn the material, think critically and communicate our ideas intelligently.  There was always an underlying theme of dignity – dignity of ideas and people – but mostly the dignity of people, and being present to them in our life’s work.”

Paul Burgoyne, POL Class of 1971
Supreme Court of Pennsylvania
Deputy Chief Disciplinary Counsel
President, La Salle Alumni Association


“La Salle’s Political Science Department showed how to operate in politics in the real word.  I received hands on training in the rough and tumble world of Philly politics.  It was in this arena that La Salle truly used the city as a classroom”

Joseph J. DeFelice, Esq. POL Class of 2000
Cooper & Schall PC, Philadelphia


“When I entered La Salle . . . I expected to . . . become a high school social studies teacher.  But the enthusiasm and professionalism of the Political Science Department’s faculty caused me to . . . decide to pursue a Ph.D. in political science.  The Department’s curriculum provided a broad foundation in the discipline that served me exceptionally well in graduate school, and the outstanding teaching and advising that I experienced continues to serve as a benchmark for my own performance as a college professor today.”

Thomas J. Baldino, POL Class of 1971
Professor of Political Science
Wilkes University
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

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