October 8, 2013

Presidential Search Update

Dear Members of the La Salle University Community:

We thought you would appreciate knowing that the La Salle University Board of Trustees recently convened both a Board retreat and a special meeting to consider, among other items, issues related to the Presidential search. The Trustees voted unanimously to amend the by-laws to allow the Presidential Search Committee to consider both Christian Brothers as well as laypersons for that position. They also took the opportunity to add language to the by-laws to further emphasize (a) La Salle’s close relationship with the Brothers of the Christian Schools, (b) the history and tradition of La Salle as a Catholic and Lasallian institution, and (c) the importance of conducting University operations consistent with the moral, religious, intellectual, and educational ideals of the Christian Brothers in the spirit of St. John Baptist de La Salle. At the retreat, the Trustees also made suggestions as to the experience, values, and vision that prospective Presidential candidates should possess. We are confident that these by-law changes, as well as the guidance from the Trustees, will prove to be valuable in our search for the next President of our beloved La Salle University.

As always, should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail Jim Morris, Chair, Presidential Search Committee at presidentialsearch@lasalle.edu.


William R. Sautter, ’71
Chair, Board of Trustees

James V. Morris, ‘79
Chair, Presidential Search Committee
Member, Board of Trustees

Brother Dennis Malloy, F.S.C., ’74
Visitor, District of Eastern North America of the
Brothers of the Christian Schools
Member, Board of Trustees

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