January 13, 2014

Presidential Search Progress

Dear Members of the La Salle University Community,

I am happy to report that the search for the next La Salle president is progressing very well and remains on schedule. The closing date for applications has now passed and we are moving forward. The search committee met on Friday, January 10, and began to select candidates whose backgrounds and experiences ­seem especially consistent with the qualifications established for the La Salle presidency. The committee will meet again on January 22 to extend our evaluation and to select a small number of candidates who will be invited to confidential preliminary interviews with the search committee later in the month. On completion of that round of interviews, the committee will select candidates to participate in more extensive interviews with representatives of all campus constituencies. We will notify you of the specific methods, dates, and times for this final phase of the search, as soon as they are determined.

We are extremely pleased with the quality of the candidate pool and, as a result, continue to be mindful of the need for complete confidentiality. All of our remaining candidates are engaged in other assignments with very significant responsibilities. To prematurely expose publicly their interest in La Salle’s presidency would likely result in their withdrawing from our search. We will move forward with an effort to strike the appropriate balance between maintaining confidentiality with enabling adequate exposure between the candidates and La Salle’s people and programs. If you have any questions, please let me know at presidentialsearch@lasalle.edu.

Thank you for your continued interest and support.  Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2014!


James V. Morris, ’79
Chair, Presidential Search Committee
Member, Board of Trustees

Saint John Baptist de La Salle. Pray for us!
Live Jesus in our hearts. Forever!

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