The Summit Program

First-Year Services

Summit Academic Boot Camp, plus supplemental FYO 100 activities

  • Summit students complete a variety of academic activities during Academic Boot Camp. The grades for these assignments count toward the students’ FYO 100 course.

Two Summit-specific foundation courses (INST 105 and INST 106)

  • INST 105 and INST 106 introduce Summit students to a college-level workload, with attention to critical reading, thinking, and writing. Students are expected to analyze, critique, and evaluate readings in both class discussion and writing.

A Limited Course Load

  • Summit students take FOUR courses during the first semester of their first year, including INST 105.

Intensive Advising & Academic Support

  • Summit students meet at least THREE times per semester with Summit’s
    Academic Achievement Coordinator.
  • Summit students complete at least TWO hours per week of Academic Support, which students can complete using any combination of nine different services.

Early Warning of Academic Risk

  • Summit students must earn a Fall GPA of at least 2.0.
  • Summit students must earn INST 105 and INST 106 grades of C- or better.  
  • Our staff tracks each student’s progress using La Salle’s Early Alert System and midterm grades. Students at risk of not meeting these requirements will receive a warning letter just after midterm.