First Year Advising and Student Mentoring Program

New Explorers Program

La Salle student leaders helping freshmen make sense of some of the puzzling aspects of college life

"We are students helping our campus peers by being readily available, providing comfort, leadership, and quality advice. We will inform students about upcoming events and activities, provide academic and social support, advise students on ways to become more involved on campus, and help new students achieve educational goals."

The New Explorer's Program provides freshmen “New Explorers” (Little Es) with a purposeful and deliberate link with an upper-level peers (Big Es). Big Es are formally trained personal guides who help new students navigate the La Salle system.  Their experiences will provide meaningful help and real-world advice on how to be successful during each student’s first year at La Salle.


  • Discuss transitional issues.
  • Connect new students with experienced students.
  • Recommend appropriate resources.
  • Introduce Little Es to the numerous co-curricular opportunities that La Salle has to offer.
  • Assist with the registration process.
  • Help orient new students to the city.
  • Talk about selecting/changing major.
  • Serve as positive role models.


  • Have someone close in age to go to for questions, concerns, etc.
  • Gain a sense of belonging and connection to their new home.
  • Become an active and integrated member of the La Salle community.
  • Learn La Salle's campus and resources quickly and easily.
  • Alleviate nervousness and tensions associated with the freshman year.
  • Get to know students on campus and make new friends.

For more information about the New Explorers Program, contact Phenix Frazier Badmus at 215.951.5005 or

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