Learning Instruction


Workshops are available to all La Salle students every semester, and some workshops are offered online.  Topics may include the following academic strategy and writing topics:

“I Need More Time!”: Time Management
This workshop will help students develop effective time management strategies.

Studying for Math and Science Success
Mathematics, chemistry, physics, and accounting (to name a few disciplines) require that students not only understand concepts but also apply that understanding to solving problems. This workshop will address active study strategies that can help students better learn and prepare for exams in these classes.

“There’s Too Much to Read!”
This workshop will address active reading (for various types of texts), learning from lecture, preparing for discussion, and studying for exams.

The Mid-Semester Check-Up: It's Never too Late!
This workshop will help students make a new game plan for improving their grades in the second half of the semester by reconsidering and strengthening their time management, reading, organization, and study strategies.

Finals Preparation
This workshop will help students better prepare for finals and the end of the semester.

Decoding the Assignment
This workshop will present tips and techniques for making sure that students understand everything an assignment asks them to do before they start writing.

Quotations and Paraphrases: Making Them Work for Your Paper
This workshop will help students learn when (and when not) to use quotations as well as effective strategies for incorporating quotations and creating better paraphrases in order to avoid plagiarism.

Writing Effective Thesis Statements
This workshop will address strategies to craft strong thesis statements that serve as a preview of the paper’s overall argument.

APA Fundamentals
This workshop will help students acquire basic information about APA style and how to use it appropriately and effectively in their writing.

For more information and workshop dates for this semester, contact Melissa Hediger Gallagher, Learning Support Specialist, at hediger@lasalle.edu or 215.951.5115.