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Classroom Accommodations

Rose Lee Pauline, Assistant Vice President, Affirmative Action Officer
St. Benilde Tower 1026

Students with formally documented disabilities are entitled to reasonable accommodations within the classroom. Such accommodations may include additional time for tests, use of a tape recorder for note taking, use of auxiliary tools, assistance with writing assignments, specially designed software programs, and reading skills development. Students and their families should consult with the Affirmative Action Officer as soon as possible. Students may also want to consult with the Counseling Center. Those who do not have a recent psycho-educational evaluation may make arrangements through this center as well.

The Affirmative Action Officer assists students with disabilities in making classroom accommodations.  A request is made by submitting written documentation from an attending licensed physician or psychologist certifying a disability and specifying the requested accommodations. For learning disabilities and ADD/ADHD, a complete and recent psycho-educational evaluation, including all test scores and results, should be sent with the request. The evaluation should not be more than three years old. Once the certification is received, it is reviewed to determine what accommodations are required.

If classroom accommodations are required, the student’s instructors are notified each semester of the approved accommodations. The accommodations made at the start of the student’s career remain in effect throughout his/her tenure at La Salle and additional accommodations can be requested as needed and certified at any time. All requests for classroom accommodations, including the appropriate certification, should be sent at least eight (8) weeks prior to the start of the semester so that authorized accommodations can be in place for the start of the semester. However, some accommodations may require additional time to be put into place, so it is recommended that a request for classroom accommodations be made as soon as the need is known.

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