Sheekey Writing Center


"in a writing center the object is to make sure that writers, and not necessarily their texts, are what gets changed by instruction. In axiom form it goes like this: our job is to produce better writers, not better writing.”

Stephen M. North, “The Idea of a Writing Center”

The mission of the Sheekey Writing Center is to offer the opportunity for all La Salle students, whatever their skill or grade level, to obtain assistance with papers and with writing skills. Our goal is to assist students as they learn new skills or to enhance prior skills, strategies, and critical abilities to become good or better writers. The Sheekey Writing Center also provides information about study skills and effective reading for all classes.

The Writing Center assists both undergraduate and graduate students with the writing process in general and with particulars such as:

  • Brainstorming a paper

  • Developing a road map or plan for the paper

  • Crafting a thesis

  • Organizing a paper

  • Working with different documentation styles such as MLA and APA

  • Developing a sense of audience

  • Understanding how to conduct research

The Writing Center seeks to help with the above in part by helping students understand their ability as writers and the interaction of the writer to self (writing as a discovery process) and writer to others (instructors, classmates, graduate admissions boards, prospective employers, etc.).