D. Fines and Penalties

  1. The schedule of fines for violations is reflected inĀ Section G. Violations.
  2. Fines are payable within ten (10) business days and are subject to a $5.00 late payment penalty for each offense. Students who fail to remit fines will have their grades and transcripts withheld. Staff and faculty who fail to remit fines will have the matter referred to their supervisor or department chairperson. Failure to remit fines may also result in the loss of parking privileges.
  3. The fact that an operator parks a vehicle in violation of any regulation and does not receive a citation does not mean that the applicable regulation is no longer in effect.
  4. Enforcement of rules and regulations will be prompt, impartial, and certain; this is the responsibility of the Public Safety Department. Traffic control signs have been placed on campus avenues. The Public Safety Department requests the cooperation of all University motorists. Operators who fail to obey the direction of a traffic sign may receive a traffic citation.
  5. Students, faculty, and staff will be fined under the same system. Student fines will be treated as any other University bill and must therefore be paid before a student registers for a subsequent term.
  6. Only one notice of a parking violation will be issued for the same offense in any 24-hour period.
  7. Payment of Fines
    1. All fines must be paid in person or via mail to the Public Safety office.
  8. Disciplinary Action
    1. Students who have accumulated three or more minor violations are subject to disciplinary action by the University as described in the Student Handbook. Students who violate major regulations may also be subject to such action by the University for one or more violations. This action will be in addition to any fines or other traffic penalties imposed.
  9. Revocation of Parking Privileges
    1. Persons guilty of four traffic or parking offenses while they are attending or working at the University may have their vehicle registration and University parking privileges revoked for a four-month period.
    2. Written notice of revocation, specifying the period of revocation and the requirement that the permit be surrendered during this period, shall be sent by mail to the most current address furnished to the University. The period of revocation shall begin seven calendars days from the date of the notice.
    3. Vehicles registered to persons or being used by persons who have had their privileges revoked shall be subjected to towing at the owner’s expense if parking on University property during the revocation period, and the fine for lack of valid permit will be imposed.
  10. Towing and Impounding
    1. The La Salle University Public Safety department shall remove from the campus at the owner’s expense any vehicle that is determined to be a health or safety hazard or major inconvenience to the University Community. Before removing the vehicle, all reasonable means of locating the owner shall be tried and reasonable length of time, depending on the situation, will be given for the owner to move the vehicle.
    2. The University reserves the right to remove and impound abandoned vehicles or any vehicle found on campus; without a valid permit, without a license plate; parked in a driveway, fire lane, reserved or service vehicle space; blocking a loading dock or trash dumper; or illegally parked in such a way to constitute a hazard to pedestrian vehicular traffic or to movement and operation of emergency equipment. The owner will be responsible for all costs involved in towing, impounding and storing such a vehicle.
    3. All vehicles may be towed at the owner’s expense for any of the following violations:
      1. Parking in a fire lane
      2. Parking on grass
      3. Parking in loading and unloading areas
      4. Blocking a driving lane
      5. Parking in a stall reserved for other vehicles
      6. Parking without proper permit/decal when required
    4. The towing fee will be the fee charged by the vendor selected to perform this service plus the parking violation fine, in addition to a $ 5.00 per day storage fee.
    5. The Public Safety Department, to assist in the enforcement of these regulations, is authorized to use the “immobilizer,” a device that prevents the movement of the vehicle when placed on the front wheel. Normally the immobilizer will be used when the owner of the vehicle is not readily identifiable or the vehicle is illegally parked and has five (5) or more parking violations. If the circumstances permit, the Public Safety Officer will make a reasonable effort to locate the owner of the vehicle before applying the immobilizer. This sanction was developed to provide alternatives to towing vehicles. These sanctions apply to all members of the University Community. There will be an additional $20.00 fee for vehicles that have been immobilized.