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Strategic Plan



Goal 1: Be recognized for academic excellence

  • Maintain/strengthen the liberal arts core curriculum:
    • Help students understand the value of and engage in a broad liberal arts education
    • Ensure that full-time faculty are appropriately involved in teaching in the Core
    • Create opportunities for faculty who teach in the Core to meet and share their experiences
    • Support continuous review of the Core
    • Assure the governance of the Core is appropriate for the continued achievement of the goals of the Core
    • Provide a challenging environment for students to develop and expand their experiences
  • Enhance undergraduate and graduate academic  programs:
    • Collaborate with the offices of Undergraduate Admission and Development to identify strategies and means to attract quality students
    • Maintain course enrollment caps at a level appropriate to the educational aims of the course
    • Provide resources to departments as they go through program reviews and provide funding for recommended changes
    • Encourage programs to pursue the three University strategic initiatives: city/region, theory and practice, and education for the greater good
    • Provide students a sound theoretical foundation in their program of study
    • Encourage engaged learning activities (e.g., research, internships, clinical, service-learning) in all programs
    • Facilitate advanced learning experiences for students with special talents
    • Promote dialogue and collaboration across all programs and disciplines
    • Keep programs as current as possible
    • Enhance the campus’ intellectual atmosphere
    • Work creatively to resolve issues confronting disadvantaged students
  • Enhance graduate education:
    • Increase financial support for graduate students
    • Enrich the graduate culture
    • Develop new mission-oriented programs with demonstrated need
  • Support faculty:
    • Encourage and support innovative teaching
    • Support faculty so that they can remain current disciplinary experts, including expanding their body of knowledge
    • Support faculty who need technological training and preparation for online teaching
    • Support faculty with development of engaged learning activities
    • Encourage and support faculty scholarship, especially as it enhances student learning
    • Support professional development opportunities for all stages of a faculty career
    • Support faculty with the maintenance of credentials and licensure
    • Provide training, support, and a monitoring system for adjunct professors
  • Communicate with external constituents:
    • Promote student achievements by Web and media
    • Promote faculty achievements by Web and media
    • Work to move control of program Web pages to Chairs and Directors
    • Enhance the Web presence of all programs within the school
    • Continue regular meetings of the alumni advisory board for Arts and Sciences
    • Encourage and support departmental contact with alumni and advisory board
    • Encourage the Dean, Chairs, Directors, and faculty to pursue external fund raising opportunities, coordinated through the Dean’s office and in conjunction with Development


Goal 2: Define and facilitate the evolving nature of the School of Arts and Sciences in promoting the liberal arts within the Catholic tradition and in the spirit of St. John Baptist de La Salle.

  • Incorporate the Catholic intellectual tradition and actualize the tradition of the Christian Brothers and existing programs in a variety of disciplines for students, faculty, and staff
  • Maintain a broad range of disciplines
  • Maintain and support a broad range of course offerings
  • Prepare students to address the needs of the vulnerable and underserved
  • Increase the understanding and appreciation of leading a meaningful life
  • Develop/implement new programs about the Catholic intellectual tradition and the LaSallian Heritage
  • Work to keep the Brothers’ tradition alive and influential on campus


Goal 3: Foster community on campus among faculty, students, staff, alumni, and other external constituents to enhance the intellectual and cultural environment.

  • Focus on the personal value of each member of the University community
  • Encourage a respectful collegial and professional culture within the La Salle community
  • Promote responsibility and citizenship in our local, national, and international communities
  • Support programs that promote opportunity for  interaction between established and new faculty
  • Seek to create more community spaces, including departmental lounges


Goal 4: Enhance the instructional environment.

  • Ensure there is an appropriate number of students for the size of the classroom
  • Ensure classroom facilities are suitable for the class
  • Ensure adequate funding for program equipment and supplies
  • Enhance School of Arts and Sciences teaching, learning, and working spaces
  • Upgrade School of Arts and Sciences instructional technology and enhance support
  • Encourage University-wide green practices