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Inaugural Commencement Webcast a Coast-to-Coast Success!
La Salle University's 2004 Commencement was seen live from Los Angeles-to-Florida on Mother's Day May 9th.

In an effort to provide graduates and their families with the opportunity to view graduation from a distance, the University held its first live web cast of Commencement on Mother's Day, May 9, 2004.

From Los Angeles to Florida, people with a connection to the Internet and to a La Salle graduating senior, were watching the 2004 graduation ceremony in real time. (The only delay being in the minimal time it takes for the broadcast to be streamed into the site.)

According to a report submitted by Biondo Communications, the company that provided the webcast, there were 149 unique users who logged in to view the graduation webcast from afar. Representatives from Biondo Communications were on-site and available on-line and by two-way communication during the webcast, to respond to issues and troubleshoot with prospective viewers.

"All of us at Biondo Communications are thrilled that we were able to help La Salle University offer an alternative way for families to take part in the Commencement Ceremony. It's a great feeling knowing that some people were able to see their son, daughter or grandchild graduate because of the web cast." said, Joseph Biondo,
La Salle University Alumnus and the University's web manager.

In addition to the live broadcast, a rebroadcast of the event began at 4:00 and was repeated throughout the evening. Thirty-three users tuned in to watch the rebroadcast of Commencement, including some that attended the live ceremony.

"Even though I was at commencement today, I did not get to see the faces of grads up close. I watched parts of the webcast this evening with my husband (who could not attend) and enjoyed seeing the expressions of our grads when they shook hands with Brother Mike. What a great idea! I hope you do this again next year." commented, Terry Jackson, from La Salle's MBA program.