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College of Professional and Continuing Studies
College of Professional and Continuing Studies
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College of Professional and Continuing Studies
  • La Salle University is a "limited" testing site. All applicants must be La Salle students.
  • All La Salle University students wishing to take a CLEP exam either at La Salle University or at another testing site, must complete and submit a CLEP Application Form approved by their academic advisor. The approved application form must be submitted to the College of Professional and Continuing Studies (MAIN CAMPUS) prior to taking the exam. When the approved Application Form is received in the Continuing Studies office, the student will be contacted to discuss exam scheduling. Exams are administered at La Salle University during week day hours.
  • All CLEP exams must be taken by July 15 (summer semester), November 15 (fall semester), April 15 (spring semester) in order for those credits to be included in that particular semester. Any CLEP exam taken after those dates will be counted toward the following semester’s course work. If these deadlines are not met, graduation will be postponed to the next conferral date.
  • Secure an Application form in the format of your choice: La Salle CLEP Application Form (.docx) - *La Salle CLEP Application Form (.pdf). You can stop by the CLEP Testing Center, Office of Professional and Continuing Studies, in the Administration Building on Main Campus to obtain an application, or download the application form by clicking one of the above links. Complete a separate form for each CLEP exam you wish to take.*(The .pdf CLEP Application Form requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Most new computers have the Adobe Reader installed, if your computer does not have the Reader and you want to download the .pdf format, follow instructions for downloading the Reader at the Adobe Web site (the download is free). CLEP is now offered only in a computerized format (C.B.T.)
  • Testing is done by individual appointment at La Salle during weekday hours.
    La Salle University score recipient code is 2363
    . You may take CLEP exams at other local colleges if it is more convenient but you must assign the La Salle code and an approved CLEP Application Form must be received by the College of Professional and Continuing Studies before taking the exam.
  • The following fees are due on the day of the exam:
    • The CLEP Examination Fee of $80.00 must be paid by credit card, check or money order payable to: CLEP. Cash cannot be accepted as payment of CLEP Exam Fee.
    • An Administration Fee of $15 must be paid by cash, check or money order. Checks should be made payable to: La Salle University.
  • The CLEP Posting Fee is due upon receipt of the CLEP Invoice that will be e-mailed to your La Salle account.
    • Upon receiving a passing score on the CLEP Examination and our receipt of the Official CLEP Transcript from the College Board, a CLEP Invoice will be e-mailed to your La Salle account with instructions on how to pay for the CLEP credits to be posted to your La Salle transcript. Receipt of the Official Transcript usually takes approximately two weeks. Upon receipt of the e-mailed CLEP Invoice, please be prepared to pay the following fee to the Office of Student and Accounts Receivable: The CLEP Posting fee is $25.00 per credit. The appropriate amount will be indicated on your Invoice.
  • Students must supply two forms of photo identification on the day of the test, preferably a driver’s license and school or employee identification.
  • If you are a member of the U.S. Armed Forces on active duty or reserve status, the $70 testing fee will be waived. You must provide military identification on the day of the test.
  • New passing scores are now in effect. See General and Subject Tests at this site for the La Salle required scores. La Salle-approved scores may differ from the national standard. Only the La Salle (institutional) standard will be honored for all assignment and posting of credit.
  • If you do not pass a CLEP exam, you may retake it after a six-month waiting period. A "non-pass" is not posted on your transcript.
  • For more CLEP information, visit the College Board's Web site at
  • If you plan to take more than three CLEP exams, consider purchasing the online Official Study Guide, which includes study tips and information on all tests. Click here to review.
  • Up-to-date study guides for individual tests are also available for online purchase. Visit the Download Store at the CLEP Prep Center and click on the link that says "Order individual subject guides online!"Click here.
  • You should also check your local campus and retail bookstores for CLEP resources.

CLEP Tests and La Salle Application
Currently, La Salle University offers three general examinations and 26 subject examinations in the CLEP format. Specific exams will be listed on the La Salle CLEP application form.

Download the Application Form in the format of your choice: La Salle CLEP Application Form (.docx) - La Salle CLEP Application Form (.pdf)