College of Professional and Continuing Studies
College of Professional and Continuing Studies
College of Professional and Continuing Studies
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College of Professional and Continuing Studies


"It took me quite some time to enroll for an MBA course as other business ventures took priority in recent years. However, having finally finished the program with La Salle University, I can clearly state: it was the right decision for me to choose La Salle!

The highly qualified, excellent and motivated professors gave me a broader understanding of many areas in business and economics. Very interesting real-life case studies combined with good discussion as an integral part of all lectures made the sometimes tough moments also enjoyable.

It was a high-quality learning experience."

Frank Sütterlin
Geschäftsleitung / Managing Director

"Doing an M.B.A. is the best choice when you are interested in a business career. Knowing where you want to go and then planning the steps you need to take to get you there are not easy decisions, no matter where you are in your career.

The La Salle M.B.A. Program taught me how to think analytically and build on my existing quantitative and soft skills. The variety of courses and concepts exposed throughout the program taught me how to make better business decisions. I learned to use my quantitative, analytical, soft skills not only in operations but also strategically.

To me, being part of the learning community of La Salle is indeed a great experience contributing to the invaluable process of creating oneself."

Karine Cheronnet

"The M.B.A. program offered by La Salle University has been a terrific experience. The highly qualified staff did an outstanding job in presenting complex business cases and teaching us with the necessary tools to succeed in today’s business world. As a result, I am now able to understand complex business cases with greater confidence and broader understanding. This program will help me to pursue my future career plans within the pharmaceutical industry."

Dr. Michael Quirmbach

"My La Salle M.B.A. has enabled me to be appointed as an International Product Manager in a global organization on a top brand. I thoroughly enjoyed every La Salle lecture. Though tough sometimes, the quality teaching opened my mind to the world of business more than I expected. It has been a rewarding journey both personally and professionally. It's also a good feeling to be made to feel a part of a winning team, part of such a professional body of knowledge such as the 'La Salle family'!"

Zoe Phillips

"... we learned a lot on the basis of real-life case studies and not only in dry theory, but something you really use in your daily work. The professors were very experienced and we had a great exchange of information, ideas, and different thoughts on a highly professional level."

Paul Estoppey

“In today’s highly competitive economic environment, it is essential for a leader to understand the interrelation of many different topics and their implementation. Key attributes, such as emotional intelligence and the ability to value employees as an asset, are indispensable in order to build up momentum. During my further education with La Salle University, I experienced the importance of cultural and economical understanding in the decision-making process. I would like to thank all professors for their investment and support.”

Andreas Wieland

"After 15 years of flying experience, I realized that a solid and broad base of business and economic know-how would be essential for my future career. La Salle’s high-level M.B.A. program, which was taught by strongly motivated professors, met all my expectations and proved to be a real challenge. My M.B.A. degree and the University’s reputation in business and academic circles got me into a Swiss Ph.D. program and even led to a scholarship by the Wall Street Journal."

Capt. Marc B. Gasser

“The La Salle M.B.A. program has provided me with a well-rounded background, one that I have been able to apply in many aspects of my current position. It helped me to increase the effectiveness of my management style and entrepreneurial spirit. The structure of the program effectively combines several study methods like reading, research, team projects, case analysis, and discussions. The professors are excellent and experienced and they are able to bring the most up-to-date knowledge into the class, which leads to a high-quality learning experience.”

Stephan Ellenberger