College of Professional and Continuing Studies
College of Professional and Continuing Studies
College of Professional and Continuing Studies
College of Professional and Continuing Studies
College of Professional and Continuing Studies

The College of Professional and Continuing Studies continues its commitment to providing outstanding learning opportunities for adult learners by offering accelerated degree completion cohort program in Organizational Leadership.

What are cohorts?

A cohort is a small learning community of students who come together at the beginning of a program, and who remain together throughout the completion of all required courses. Cohort programs offer the following features:

  • Integrated learning: All students in a cohort complete the same courses in the same sequence, creating a shared framework of knowledge that can be leveraged and built upon as the program continues
  • Predictability: Students in a cohort program know exactly which courses they will need to complete, the order in which the courses will be conducted and the time frame for earning their degree.
  • Convenience: Joining a cohort program means that you will be automatically enrolled in all required courses in the correct sequence. Also, cohort classes are held on evenings, weekends and online to accommodate students’ busy schedules.
  • Team Building and Professional Networking: Cohort students make valuable contacts and form lasting friendships with fellow learners that extend beyond the program.
  • Timeliness and Flexibility to Degree Completion: Depending on the number of credits taken prior to enrolling, students may complete the cohort program in as little as five semesters; remaining courses needed to graduate can be taken at La Salle locations or through online courses, by successful completion of CLEP examinations, or by taking courses at other institutions.

Also, as part of the University’s College of Professional and Continuing Studies (CPCS), cohort programs are specifically designed to focus on the unique needs of adult learners who are combining family and professional responsibilities with the pursuit of a bachelor’s degree. CPCS cohort programs combine adult learning theories and the latest approaches and innovations in online and blended instruction, and are led by instructors with both academic and professional expertise.

What are the entrance requirements for a cohort program?

Qualified students should meet the following admission criteria:

  • A recommended minimum of 30 transferable credits from prior institution(s) including successful completion of English Composition I and II
  • Computer proficiency either through prior course work or experience
  • Five years of documented professional or volunteer experience
  • Interview with admissions representative

Use the following link to learn more about our Accelerated Degree Completion Cohort Program: