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"International Pathways" Program (Undergraduate Only)

La Salle University’s International Pathways program provides academically qualified international students who still need English training FULL admission to La Salle University. The International Pathways program is a gateway into La Salle University for students wishing to enroll in the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Business.
Program Highlights:

  • Full admission to La Salle University as a full-time undergraduate student
  • A minimum of 30 credits earned in the freshmen year toward a bachelor’s degree
  • English language support, tutoring, culture adjustment, and integration into campus life included
  • Graduation in four years
  • Scholarships available


  • TOEFL score range from 64 - 79
  • IELTS score range from 5.5 - 6

How to Apply to the International Pathways Program:

  • If you have the above scores, apply directly to La Salle University at
  • If you have lower scores, apply for the Intensive English program at La Salle University’s English Language Institute (ELI).

There are just a few things you should know to help you properly submit your application over the Web.

  1. Please create your La Salle University admission application login ID and PIN. Your login ID can be up to nine characters long. Your PIN must be a six-digit number of your choosing.
  2. Once you are in the application, there is a five-minute inactivity timeout. If you do not use the system for five minutes, follow the prompts to re-enter your Login ID and PIN to continue with the application.
  3. After you enter the type of student you are and the term you will start, all of the required sections will be indicated by a red star. Click the “Submit Application for Review” button after you have completed all of the required sections.
  4. Follow the instructions at the top of each screen to complete that screen properly. Please be sure to read all instructions before starting that section.
  5. When you are asked to enter a date in any section of the application, please be sure to use this format: MM/DD/YYYY, including the backslashes (/).
  6. Be sure to click the “Submit Application for Review” button after you have completed all of the required sections.

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