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Visa Information

Visa Information
Note:  All non-US citizens and permanent residents are required to obtain the proper visa to study at the ELI. Most students pursue an F-1 visa but other visa options are available. Please consult with the International Education Coordinator upon your acceptance to the ELI.

Once you apply to the ELI and are accepted you will be mailed the documents needed to receive your I-20.

Please visit the following website for information on applying for a student visa (F-1) in the USA.

Before you attend your appointment with the US Embassy you will need to pay the SEVIS fee (form I-901). To pay the fee and receive your receipt, please do the following:

1. Go to
2.Complete the form.  Write your name EXACTLY AS IT APPEARS on the I-20 you received in the mail from La Salle University.
3. Be sure to print a copy of the online receipt and keep a copy for yourself.
4. Schedule your appointment at the US Embassy and don’t forget to bring the receipt of payment to the interview.
5. Take a copy of your Letter of Conditional Admission from La Salle with you to the US Embassy.
For general information regarding the visa process for international students wishing to study in the USA please click this link:

For any other questions please visit the Visa Information page at the following link for La Salle Students: