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In addition to the traditional realm of chemistry, where the properties and structure of matter are studied, an education in chemistry can prepare an individual for careers as diverse as law, medicine, business, and biotechnology. Chemists are successful in these fields because they are trained to think critically and analyze problems. La Salle, as a liberal arts university, has a curriculum that offers a solid background in the fundamentals of chemical science coupled with a diverse liberal education. Students are made aware of the interconnections of chemistry with the other sciences and also with the social sciences, business, and the humanities. With such a broad-based education, our graduates are prepared for almost anything they will face in the future. At La Salle, our emphasis is on teaching. In the Lasallian tradition, all lecture classes are kept small to ensure that our students receive personal attention. As a department dedicated to undergraduate education, small laboratory sections are taught by faculty members who provide our students with the 'hands on' experience they will need to tackle today's challenges. The small class size and interactions between student and teacher provide an atmosphere where students feel comfortable and can grow.