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La Salle University offers teacher preparation programs in Secondary Education (EDC), Early Elementary/Special Education (ESEC), and Middle-level Social Studies/Special Education (ESMD). These programs are approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and lead to a B.A. degree. Upon successful completion, a recommendation for Instructional I certification in the area(s) pursued by the certification candidate is made by Department faculty. Students may declare a major in Education in the freshman year. The policies and procedures for applying for admission to the programs and for advancement through the various stages of candidacy are contained in the Candidacy Requirements in the Department of Education Student Handbook. All Education majors are responsible for knowing and adhering to these policies and procedures for candidacy.


Students are required to complete fieldwork weekly during each semester. ESEC juniors are required to complete one full day of field work in local schools. The Administrative Director of Field Placement makes placements for all teacher candidates enrolled in education programs.

Upon successful completion of student teaching, a student may apply for Instructional I certification. State certification regulations require that an applicant for a teaching certificate be known by the preparing institution as a person of good moral character and possessing sound personal qualities, professional knowledge, and pedagogical competencies that warrant issuance of a teaching certificate. In addition, all applicants must meet certain physical and medical standards to obtain an Instructional I certificate to teach in the public schools of Pennsylvania.

Depending on which major within Education, any candidate applying for an Instructional I certificate is required by Pennsylvania State Board regulations to pass the appropriate sections of the PAPA and PECT Tests, administered by Pearson Education, Inc., or Praxis II Tests, administered by ETS. Information about the tests is available in the Department of Education office (Olney Hall, room 254). Other states may require prospective teachers to take these or other examinations.

In accordance with the provisions of Act 34 of 1985 of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, students engaging in mandatory field experiences each semester and applicants for an Instructional I certificate in the Commonwealth must also undergo background checks. All students are required to obtain a criminal history check, child abuse form, the Act 34 Request for Criminal Background check, and proof of screening for tuberculosis.  This last test may be completed at the Student Health Center or by the student's personal physician.  All clearances must be renewed annually. Once completed, a field placement will be scheduled.

Application forms relating to child abuse will be distributed during orientation sessions for education majors each fall term. Forms are also available in the Department of Education office (Olney Hall, room 254). Students may be required to show school administrators the results of both the background checks and tuberculin tests Copies of the results are kept on file in the Education office. For more information about these requirements, see the Compliance Officer (Olney Hall, 259).

Further information about applying for certification is contained in the Department of Education Student Handbook and the Handbooks for the Professional Semester and Professional Year. All Education majors are responsible for knowing and adhering to the policies and procedures that pertain to applying for certification.

Students not majoring in Education are invited to register for education courses that carry no prerequisites.


Please see the course catalogue for more information on minoring in Education.  Students planning to minor in Education must see the Department Chair (Olney Hall, room 254).

Please see the list of required courses for each program in the course catalogue.

La Salle University offers a program of studies that is approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and leads to recommendation for Instructional I certification in Social Studies (History concentration), Communications (non-print media), English, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, French, General Science, Earth Space Science, German, Italian, and Spanish. (Foreign Language students are certified to teach K-12.)

This program has been designed for those students who wish to teach religion in the secondary school. Because religion is not an accredited subject in Pennsylvania, no Pennsylvania Instructional certificate can be issued.

Upper Middle-Level-Social Studies/ Special Education certification students enrolled in the middle-level-social studies certification are preparing for certification in grades 4-8 and in special education in grades PreK-8. Upon completion of the program and certifications, they will be able to teach any subject in grades 4-6, social studies in grades 7 and 8, and special education in any grades PreK-8.

Early elementary and special education (ESEC) majors are also required to major in American Studies. La Salle University's ESEC combined program of study is approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Successful completion leads to recommendations for Instructional I certification in early elementary education (PreK-4) and special education (PreK-8). A Department faculty member meets individually with each student during pre-registration throughout the four-year program. This process insures that all students are following the prescribed sequence of courses leading to a B.A. degree and a recommendation for certification.

See Greer Richardson, Ph.D., Director of Graduate Education (Olney Hall, 112).
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