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  • La Salle University is hosting a Conference on Autism Spectrum Disorder on Friday, May 3, 2013. The keynote speakers for this event are Temple Grandin and her mother Eustacia Cutler. For more information, visit
  • For the past several years, La Salle University has appeared in The Princeton Review as one of the nation’s “great schools for education majors.” Read more.

Letter from the Chair

Welcome to the Education Department at La Salle University. John Baptist de La Salle, the namesake of our institution and the patron saint of teachers, was famed for his pioneering work in teacher education—a heritage that informs our present programming. It is with his legacy in mind that the faculty and staff of the Education Department create and deliver outstanding programs of instruction that lead to teacher certification. The Department enjoys an excellent reputation, throughout the Philadelphia region and beyond, for producing high quality educators.

Being one of the first institutions in the country to offer a combined elementary education and special education certification has allowed us to make great strides in understanding how to best prepare educators for all children. Furthermore, our innovative secondary education program emphasizes educational technology, a unique blending of idea technology and product technology, as a framework for instructional decision-making in the secondary education classroom.

Our faculty and staff are innovative and experts in their various disciplines. Nearly all have been classroom teachers. Nearly all remain closely connected to the real work of schools and teachers through our teacher preparation programs and various projects that allow them to participate in K-12 schools. They are fully committed to helping students become reflective, well-prepared teachers.

We are proud to be one of La Salle University's four pre-professional "points of excellence." I invite you to take a look through these pages to learn more about our faculty and the program that you are interested in. Should you wish to discuss a program with someone or pay us a visit, feel free to contact the Department by calling 215.951.1190.


Mary M. Williams, Ed.D.
Department Chair