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Faculty Member and EDC Alum Published in Teaching Exceptional Children
The Education Dept. is pleased to announce recent scholarship by faculty member, Dr. Sharon Schoen, along with La Salle alum Ms. Jen Nolen. Dr. Schoen's and Ms. Nolen's article, entitled "Action research: Decreasing acting-out behavior and increasing learning" appeared in the Sept/Oct 2004 issue of Teaching Exceptional Children.

In this study, Dr. Shoen worked with Ms. Nolen in her student teaching placement to jointly develop interventions from cognitive, social learning, humanistic and behavioral theory in order to help decrease the acting-out behavior of a sixth-grade male student in Ms. Nolen's class. Within a 15 day time span, the student's mean baseline level of 17.5 minutes of inappropriate behavior reduced to a mean intervention level of 5 minutes during the daily 45 minute instructional sessions.