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La Salle, School District of Philadelphia Partner to Enhance Instruction for Core Curriculum in Math, Literacy, Science, Social Studies.
La Salle University and The School District of Philadelphia are partnering to develop new methods of teaching math, literacy, science and social studies that are more meaningful and engaging to students.

Called “Project Achieve,” the year-long program will pair La Salle faculty with a dozen teachers at Philadelphia’s Grover Washington, Jr. Middle School to develop teaching and assessment strategies to compliment the school district’s newly implemented core curriculum in math, literacy, science and social studies. The project is being funded by the school district, with in-kind resources being provided by La Salle.

“We’ll be evaluating research-based teaching and assessment strategies with the students to see what methods increase motivation, interest in the subjects and helps encourage thinking of a higher order,” says Robert Vogel, a professor of education at La Salle.

Vogel is a specialist in instruction and teaching methods. He’ll be working with Dr. Deborah Yost of La Salle’s education department, who is a specialist in assessment.

In addition to the Grover Washington faculty, fifteen La Salle senior education majors who will be doing student teaching this year are participating in the program, including four who will student teach at Grover Washington. Additionally, the program has placed a dozen junior La Salle education majors at the school to work with the faculty one day a week, says Vogel.

La Salle is one of several local universities partnering with the School District of Philadelphia that are developing innovative approaches working with the students and the newly implemented core curriculum. Vogel and Yost plan to show the highlights of “Project Achieve” during the Partnership Fair to be held during the “Innovation in Education- Building a public/private partnership model for K-12 Reform” national conference sponsored by the School District of Philadelphia October 7-8 held in Philadelphia.

This press release was provided by Jon Caroulis in University Communications.