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La Salle to Host Governorís Commission on College and Career Success
On Thursday, February 2, La Salle University will host a regional discussion sponsored by the State Department of Education in conjunction with the Governor's Commission on College and Career Success. The Governor's Commission is hosting three, state-wide regional programs to glean input from faculty in higher education in terms of defining what it means to be "college ready" in the areas of mathematics, language arts, and science. The program, which will be held from 9:00a.m. - 3:00p.m. in the Music Room and Ballroom in the Union Building on La Salle University's main campus in Philadelphia, will include discussions and examples of materials used by faculty in freshman courses. Copies of relevant general education/freshmen course materials such as course syllabi, assignments for first-term freshmen, acceptable first-term freshmen written work - preferably with comments from the instructor - and grading rubrics will be examined and discussed. The results of the discussions along with examples of materials received at these three events will be used "to communicate college-level expectations to high school instructors and students via the web, professional development [activities] and Pennsylvania’s Project 720, high school reform initiative."