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Arthur J. Bangs, F.S.C.
Associate Professor
B.A., La Salle College  (Maxima Cum Laude)
M.A., La Salle College
M.A., University of Pittsburgh (Marshall Fund Scholarship)
M.A., Catholic University of America
Ph.D., Counseling with a Minor in Educational Psychology, Catholic University of America (Full Board of Trustees Scholarship)
Postdoctoral work at Temple University in Psychodiagnosis Rorschach
Olney 267

Personal Statement
I have been on the staff of La Salle University since June of 1969.  Before coming to La Salle, I taught grade school at St. Francis Vocational School in Eddington and English and mathematics, but mainly religion and Latin in three different high schools.  In this capacity I was the moderator of glee clubs, honor societies, speech and debate, intramurals, and the yearbook.  I also taught a CCD class in Maryland as well as intermediate Latin and a graduate course in counseling at Catholic University.
From 1969-2006, I worked as a psychologist in La Salle’s Counseling Center, taught educational psychology, and supervised student teachers in special education.
During this period I also served as secretary of the Faculty Senate (’71-’74)  and for three years as the Director of the American College Program at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland where La Salle had a study abroad program.  I have also been the guest lecturer in numerous FYO classes with programs mainly on the topics of stress and time management. I am one of the freshmen advisers. During this time I also worked in the summer pre-college program for incoming freshmen, which was directed out of the Counseling Center.  I have been a member of at least 13  committees at the University during these years, including the steering committee for an early Middle States evaluation ’74-76, Campus Ministry Advisory Board, Resident Life Advisory Board, Day Care Center, Student Development Committee, ADP committee, and Urban Studies Center. I also taught a course on child development to women of the neighborhood and assisted the Admissions Office by covering College Nights.

Professional Interests/Expertise

  • The interplay between psychology and teaching
  • Personal counseling
  • Religion, languages, music, and Europe

Professional Affiliations

  • American Counseling Association
  • American Psychological Association

Certificates or Awards

  • Teaching Certificate – Diocese of Pittsburgh
  • Teaching Certificate – State of Virginia
  • Psychologist License – State of Pennsylvania
  • Inducted into La Salle’s Honor Society of Alpha Epsilon
  • Certificate of Completion – Centro Internazioniale La Salliano – Rome
  • Diploma (4 course program) - Center for Cognitive Therapy (Univ. of Pa.)
  • Certificate for a semester training in Hypnotherapy – Institute of Pa. Hospital


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  • Bangs, A. Book Review of The Colleges and the courts: The developing law of the student and the college by M.M. Chambers in the Personnel and Guidance Journal. 51, 1973.
  • Bangs, A. Student analysis indicates satisfaction with College’s co-educational environment in the La Salle Magazine, Winter, 1977.

Courses Recently Taught

  • Education 103: Educational Psychology – Human Learning