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Gary K. Clabaugh
B.A., Indiana State University of Pennsylvania
M.S., Ed.D., Temple University
Olney 263

Personal Statement
Teachers are often widely regarded as production line workers in schools that are organized and run like factories. Even when teaching is viewed as a skilled trade, there is much emphasis on how to teach, but less attention to values-related issues. In consequence, teachers trained in this manner could as easily serve a tyranny as a democracy. My primary interest involves the development and dissemination of “tools” for reflective, thoughtful educators. To that end I have written books and more than a hundred articles that develop such tools while exploring key value-related issues in education. I also am the co-founder, along with Edward Rozycki of Widener University, of an educational web-site with the same purpose. Called, this web site had over 3 million unique visitors in the past 12 months.

Professional Interests/Expertise

  • Political and religious extremism, particularly as it influences public school policy
  • Human and physical geography (I have taught an introductory course for over thirty years. Geography was my undergraduate major.)


  • I have authored or co-authored three books, chapters in several other books,and articles on various aspects of education too numerous to detail here. Google currently lists 20,500 references to my work, plus a number of my articles are in Google's top ten list for that subject.