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Frank J. Mosca
Department Chair
Associate Professor
B.S., State University of New York at Plattsburgh
M.S., Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison
Olney 254

Personal Statement
I’ve been a faculty member at La Salle University since 1999.  I previously held positions as a member of the faculty at The George Washington University, and a teacher of children with emotional and behavioral disabilities in Madison, Wisconsin and Gloversville, NY.

Professional Interests/Expertise

  • Children with emotional/behavioral disabilities
  • School and classroom behavior management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Curriculum development



  • Mosca, F. J. (2003). "But will they behave?"  A behavior management strand that comprises each chapter in P. Feden and R. Vogel's Methods for teaching: Applying cognitive science to school learning.  NY: McGraw-Hill.

Journal Articles

  • Mosca, F. J. & Hollister, A. (2004). External control and zero tolerance: Is fear of our youth driving these policies? Educational Horizons, 83(1), 2-5.
  • Yost, D. S., & Mosca, F. J. (2003). The E.N.A.C.T. model: Enhancing teacher candidates’ ability to manage student behavior.  Teacher Education and Special Education, 26(4), 349-355.
  • Yost, D. S., & Mosca, F. J. (2002). Beyond behavior strategies: Using reflection to successfully manage youth in crisis. The Clearing House: A Journal of Education Strategies, Issues, and Ideas, 75(5), 264-267.
  • Mosca, F. J., & Yost, D. S. (2000). Controls from within: Developing tools for reflecting on counteraggressive responses to troubling behavior.  Reclaiming Children and Youth, 10(2), 100-105.
  • Mosca, F. J., & Perkins, T. (1997).  Help from hundreds of people you’ve never met: Cruising the Internet for professional support.  Beyond Behavior, 8(1), 16-17.


  • Belknap, N. J., Mosca, F. J., & Marston, J. (2001).  Preparing teachers for students with emotional disturbance: A professional development school approach. The George Washington University: The Capital Educators Monograph Series.