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Deborah S. Yost
B.A., St. Joesph’s College (West Hartford, CT)
M.A., University of Connecticut
Ph.D., University of Connecticut
Olney 235

Professional interests/expertise

  • Critical reflection
  • Behavior management
  • Teacher education reform
  • Professional development schools
  • Special Education
  • Assessment

Personal Statement

I served as chairperson of the Education Department from January 2001 to June 2004. Since that time I have been working on a grant entitled, “Project Achieve” that focuses on enhancing urban middle school teaching for the ultimate purpose of increasing student learning and achievement. Special education was the primary concentration of my doctoral program, while my dissertation research focused on teacher education, specifically the moral dimensions of teaching. I am dually certified in both elementary education (K-8) and special education (K-12) which enables me to teach courses in both special and general education at La Salle. My teaching and consulting experiences span from preschool to high school. I also worked with college students with learning disabilities while a doctoral student at the University of Connecticut and in private practice in New Haven, Connecticut. I am currently teaching a six-credit, junior level general education methods and technology course, a senior seminar in special education, and a graduate course for students seeking certification in elementary and special education. I take great pride in ensuring that my students are provided with high quality instruction and help, if needed.

Professional Interests/Expertise

  • Critical leflection in teacher tducation
  • Teacher leadership
  • Behavior management special education


2005-2007 Book Chapter
  • School-based learning as action research (book chapter, Jossey-Bass Publishers, in press).
  • It takes a village: Partnerships enhancing achievement in urban schools (American School Board Journal, in press).
  • Urban Service Learning: An authentic teaching strategy to deliver a standards-driven curriculum (Journal of Experiential Learning, 2007).
  • Urban professional development: Working to create successful teachers and achieving students (Middle School Journal, 2007).
  • Reflection and Self-Efficacy: Enhancing the retention of qualified teachers from a teacher education perspective (Teacher Education Quarterly, 2006).
  • Reforming teacher education practices: Linking research and school-based knowledge (The Pennsylvania Educator, 2005).
Articles Being Reviewed
  • Embedded teacher leadership: Support for a site-based model of professional development (Journal of Teacher Education)
  • The change process: The transition from teacher to instructional leader (Middle School Journal)


Papers at the American Educational Research Association (2006, San Francisco; 2007, Chicago)