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In order to complete the program of study within four years, students typically matriculate as a dual- major in Secondary Education as they begin their first year of study. For example, students declare Secondary Education and Chemistry with the intention of becoming a chemistry teacher.

Students need to take courses in three areas to satisfy the Secondary Education dual-major and state teacher certification requirements:

  • The university core course requirements
  • The Secondary Education Program courses (see chart below):
First Year

Education 103 - Educational Psychology: Human Learning
Education 104 - Education Diversity in American Schools
Field Placement Experience

Second Year

Education 224 - Adolescent Development
Education 324 – Differentiating Instruction for Adolescents Using Technology
Education 218 - Geography (for Social Studies Certification only)
Field Placement Experience

Third Year

Education 304 - Reading in the Content Area
Education 306 - Foundations of American Education
Field Placement Experience

Fourth Year

Education 401 - The Art and Science of Teaching (six-credit course in fall semester preceding student teaching)
Education 470 - The Professional Semester : The Practice and Profession of Teaching (12 credit student teaching experience in spring semester)

The certification area/double major course requirements for Teacher Certification Fields:

Social Studies with a focus in Histo

World Languages:

  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish


  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • General Science
  • Earth and Space Science