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Tsunami Cause Tracked At La Salle
For more than 25 years, Dr. Henry Bart, Chair, of the Department of Geology and Environmental Studies, has been receiving seismic data from around the world through a seismograph that he built at La Salle University. On December 26th, he received data on the earthquake that initiated the recent Tsunami and caused one of the largest natural catastrophes of our time.

"This is one of the largest recordings I've seen, and is the largest quake that we have ever recorded at La Salle," said Bart.

Over the years, Dr. Bart has posted of all the earthquakes that have had a major impact on the world in the Holyroyd Science Center (on the wall by H115), so that students, faculty and staff can view the results recorded by the La Salle seismic system.

In the Philadelphia area, Dr. Bart is known by the local media as a resident expert on the subject of earthquakes, and consequently, has been frequently interviewed on television and radio to discuss the natural phenomenon. Most recently, Dr. Bart was interviewed for a December 28th article in the Philadelphia Inquirer titled "Tsunami risk here is remote, scientists say."

Click here to view the La Salle recording of the earthquake that caused the recent Tsunami