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Dr. Christopher House, Representing the Joint Oceanographic Institution, to speak at La Salle

The presentation will take place on 11.15.06 at 1:00 p.m. in Holroyd 141.
The following is a description of the program.

Probing the Microbiology of Deeply Buried Marine Sediments
by: Dr. Christopher House, Pennsylvania State University

The deeply buried marine biosphere contains abundant microbial inhabitants—estimated to be perhaps a tenth of the Earth's total biomass. This microbial environment represents one of the most extensive "extreme environments" on Earth. The study of this environment is in its infancy, leaving fundamental questions yet to be answered: Which microbes are present? What ecological roles do they play? What effect do they have on global geochemical cycles? The study of this environment is a major thrust for the IODP.

Dr. House has sailed as a shipboard microbiologist on ODP Leg 201 (Equatorial Pacific and Peru Margin). He is also serving on the Scientific Ocean Drilling Vessel (SODV) Program Advisory Committee.