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There are many opportunities for students to become involved in research. There are faculty members in the department with active research programs in the areas of clinical, cognitive, developmental, industrial/organizational, historical, and physiological psychology, as well as in the fields of counseling and marriage and family therapy. In addition to its active and productive faculty, the Psychology Department also contains laboratory space to collect data and a research space with computers for students to enter data and analyze their findings.

You can become involved in research in our Department in a variety of ways. You can do research with an individual faculty member, assist an undergraduate or graduate student with a project, become part of a faculty member’s research team, or once you have had the necessary coursework and experience, conduct a study of your own under a faculty member’s direct supervision. Students who have conducted research in our Department have presented their findings at national conferences as well as at the Annual Showcase for the Science of Psychology and its Application hosted by La Salle’s Psychology Department each spring.

In addition to conducting research, you may also choose to participate as a subject in one of the many research projects sponsored by Psychology Department faculty. This experience is not only valuable because you get to experience the empirical investigation of a topic first-hand, but you also provide a great service to the field.

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