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Why Major in Psychology?

We live in a world which is often complicated and difficult to navigate. In such a world, it is critical that you develop the skills, sensitivities and understandings that make a meaningful and rewarding life possible. While you certainly will continue to evolve in other ways, it is important to highlight the role your college education, and specifically, your choice of Psychology as a major, plays in preparing the foundation and context for many aspects of your life. Obviously, your career path is affected by your choice to study Psychology; but less obvious are other choices you will make: what you believe, what you value, what you perceive as fair, who you seek as friends, who you seek as a lifelong partner, what you enjoy as recreation, what you read, and so on. When you choose Psychology as a major you are choosing much more than job training, you are choosing to explore a variety of perspectives, ways of making sense of things.

You will find as you progress through four years of university experience that the world you have inherited has a rich history, and one that is prepared for you to affect the future. As a Psychology major, you will hear of the great theorists of the human condition and how they attempted to unravel the mysteries of our behaviors, thoughts, and feelings; where they succeeded and where they failed. Questions of development, learning, cognition, psychophysiology, personality, adjustment and maladjustment will be confronted. You will also hear of efforts to find better ways to assist people who are in need of psychological support. Finally, you will learn techniques that enable you to be clearer in your thinking and make reasonable decisions about who we are, why we do what we do, and how best to adjust our behaviors. There are exciting opportunities for learning before you; all that remains is for you to accept the challenge.