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Sharon Lee Armstrong
Associate Professor of Psychology
Office: Wister M-13
Phone: 215-951- 1297

B.A., Ph.D., Cognition and Learning, University of Delaware; Postdoctoral study in Cognitive Science at the University of Pennsylvania.


  • Maida, D. M., & Armstrong, S. L. (2005).
  • The Classification of Muscle Dysmorphia. International Journal of Men's Health, 4(1), 73-91.
  • Armstrong, S. L., Gleitman, L. R. & Gleitman, H. (1999). What some concepts might not be. In E. Margolis & S. Laurence (Eds.), Concepts: Core Readings. Cambridge, MA: MIT press.
  • Mahmood, C. K., & Armstrong, S. L. (1992). Do Ethnic Groups Exist?: A Cognitive Perspective on the Concept of Cultures. Ethnology, 31(1), 1-14.
  • Armstrong, S. L., Gleitman, L. R. & Gleitman, H. (1983). What some concepts might not be. Cognition, 13(3), 263-308.

Research Interests:
My areas of expertise within the interdisciplinary field of cognitive science are cognition, psycholinguistics, categorization, and reasoning. My research program focuses on semantic/conceptual/categorical structures inherent in judgement and reasoning processes in adults and children.

Some ongoing projects include:

  • Patterns of inductive judgements in racial and gender categories
  • The "Someday, so sooner" fallacy
  • Category based induction

Courses taught at La Salle University:

  • Psych 180 Principles of Psychology
  • Psych 273/SLH 100 Introduction to Language & Communication
  • Psych 330 Experimental Psychology I
  • Psych 331 Experimental Psychology II
  • Psych 415 Cognitive Psychology
  • Psych 485 Practicum
  • Psych 508 Cognition and Learning
  • Psych 515 Theories of Personality
  • Psych 770 Research Methods
  • Psych 771 Statistics
  • Psych 772 Dissertation Seminar