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Elaine Elezko
Administrative Assistant, MA Program in Clinical-Counseling Psychology
Office: Wister 208
Phone: 215.951.1767

It started out as a simple thank you note back in March 2008 posted on the La Salle list serve from a student to Elaine Elezko. For the next three weeks, the thank you’s from students and faculty continued to pour in. Most have cited her good cheer, sense of humor and her uncanny ability to fix problems.

This spontaneous display of gratitude has been quite overwhelming to Elaine, who likened it to “having a birthday and Christmas all at once!” Elaine notes that the letters of appreciation comforted and encouraged her. She believes the outpouring of affection was a sign that “I am exactly where I am meant to be.”

Elaine, who has worked at La Salle since 2000, reports that the most rewarding  part of her job is hearing from students who have moved on in their careers as psychologists. The most frustrating part? That would be “people who don’t read directions.” Elaine and her husband enjoy spending their free time biking and kayaking in the Poconos.