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These are some of the resources available to undergraduate and graduate psychology students at La Salle University.

Philadelphia: A great place to learn

The Philadelphia Metropolitan area's high quality clinics, hospitals, and other mental health Philadelphia neighborhoodagencies offer a wide variety of practicum placements in psychology. These supervised, real-life experiences complement students' academic course work at La Salle....and when students need a break from their studies, Philadelphia's rich historical, cultural, and entertainment opportunities are available. In addition, the mountains, beaches, and other regional attractions are only a short drive or train ride away, and offer other recreational activities.

Map & Directions:

La Salle University is located in Philadelphia, a progressive metropolitian area. For a preview of significant buildings for psychology students as well as other campus buildings, click on this campus map link. Here is a link for directions to the La Salle University campus.

Psychology Department on YouTubeTM!

Click here to learn about the Psychology Department via a YouTubeTM film clip!

Psychology Career Advice:

Timetable for Choosing and Applying to Graduate Schools
If you are planning to apply to graduate school in psychology, this timetable can help you develop an effective plan to optimize your chances! Click here to see the timetable.

Have questions or need a "Mentor"?
Students often have questions about graduate school and careers related to psychology. If you have questions and/or would like to have someone to guide you through the process, please contact Dr. Lerner by clicking here

Career Resource Web Sites:
These links provide additional links to more career web sites for the psychology major. The career options covered by these sites are wide ranging and include traditional psychology careers as well as careers outside of the field of psychology. Click here to view a site created by Linda Walsh of the Department of Psychology at the University of Northern Iowa or click here to see one hosted by the Psychology Department of Jacksonville State University.

Importance of Research Experience in Graduate Admissions:
Click here to read an article by Dr. Lynn Collins, a La Salle University faculty member, about the importance of research experience in graduate school admissions decisions.

How to Find Interesting Research Opportunities:
Click here to read an article by La Salle students on how to find interesting research opportunities.

Creative Outlets for Student Research or "What Do I Do Now That My Study is Completed?"
Click here to read an article by Dr. Jack Powell on how to find a forum for sharing the results of your research project.

Selecting a doctoral program in clinical, counseling or school psychology:
Most applied programs have selective admissions, so it is good to apply to a large number of schools. Successful applicants typically apply to 10-15 programs. Ph.D. Programs on the East Coast tend to be outragously competitive, with 300-450 applicants for 6-8 slots in some cases, so it is a good idea to apply to programs in other regions as well. La Salle student Claire Delabar at conference. Psy.D. programs are less selective, but admissions are still competitive.

If you are applying to such programs you should be selective as well. Doctoral programs accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA) make you a more attractive job applicant in the future because the accreditation process helps to insure that the program is of reasonable quality. In addition, you should be sure that the program can place you in an internship. Internship placement rates can be found on the web site for the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC). Internships are required for licensure in most if not all states. APA also reviews doctoral internships. A list of APA accredited internships can be found on their web site. Finally, you should be sure that the program prepares their students well for the EPPP, the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology. Average scores are posted by doctoral program on the ASPPB web site.

Doing it all in Clinical Psychology:
Click here to read another article by Dr. Lynn Collins about how to prepare for your career if you want to teach, conduct research, and see patients for testing and therapy.

Research opportunities:
Many faculty involve students in their ongoing research projects or supervise students' projects. Topics include developmental psychology, clinical psychology, personality, psychobiology, and cognitive psychology. For a listing of opportunities, see the research opportunities page.


Students who are interested in or attending the undergraduate or graduate psychology programs at La Salle may join the Psychology listservs to share information and discuss issues. To join, use these links or e-mail me at

Undergraduate student listserv:

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Listserv for graduate students and junior and senior undergraduate students planning to attend graduate school:

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Listserv for students interested in Women's Studies, including the psychology of women and gender studies.

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Psychology Discussion Lists for Practitioners

For a guide to listservs for clinicians, click here.

Master Students Association Newsletter

Keep informed of Master's Program developments and get involved! Click on a link below to read the Master Students Association Newsletter!
February 2006

Organizations to join:

There are many organizations for students in psychology. Membership is a good way to become familiar with the field and profession, as well as meet future colleagues. You can download the Student Membership Application for the Pennsylvania Psychological Association by clicking here. There are also major psychological organizations that have student memberships. These links list several of each.

Psi Chi Honor Society/Psychology Club:

All students are invited to join the Psychology Club and students with the requiredPsi Chi induction ceremonyGPA will be invited to join Psi Chi, the National Honor Society in Psychology. The two organizations work together to run a tutoring program, volunteer projects, host the Psi Chi room at regional conferences, and other worthwhile projects. There is a bulletin board outside of Holroyd 117 on which information about current officers and events is posted.

Psi Chi Membership Application

For an application to join Psi Chi, please click HERE. This year's deadline for applications is October 15.


Our library subscribes to PsycINFO, the main reference database for psychological journal and books. Students can find articles and books on various topics through this service. It can be accessed through La Salle University's main page using the Connelly Library link. From there, follow the links to the electronic database link and choose psychology, or just click on Psychology here! The first database listed will be PsycINFO. On campus access is automatic. To use PsycINFO from home, you will need to get a password from a librarian.

Speaker Series:

Students are welcome to attend the monthly symposia in which speakers present interesting talks about various psychological topics. Every Spring the Grimes Lecture features a nationally known psychologist. Admission is free for this events as well. Finally, advanced students may attend La Salle's continuing education workshops for a reduced fee. These are professional-level workshops for those interested in clinical or counseling psychology.